Playlist + August 7, 2020

Music from Andrea Gillis, Adi Sun, Wax On, Graveyard of the Atlantic, Phil Cambra & the Space Cadets, Tequila Sirens, Pillbook, Circus Trees, The Big Lonesome, Tricycle, The Passerby Club, Paulz on Fire, Speed Fossil, The Jacklights

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Adi Sun – Bella Sun Lever
-first solo song from Adi of Phenomenal Sun
–Tonight on ONCE Virtual Venue (VV), on YouTube and FB Live with daisybones, Killian Whall
Event link

Phil Cambra and the Space Cadets – Expectations

Wax On – Wolfsheets, from Sprezzatura – out 9/8

Graveyard of the Atlantic – This Is Not the Antidote
on Bandcamp, donating any proceeds to the Lebanese Food Bank 

Tequila Sirens – Drums Keep Bangin’

Pillbook – We’ll Just Stare

Pillbook – boyskissboysandgirlsowntheirbodies

Circus Trees – Wasted Air 


 .. .. .. .. .. .. 

.. .. .. .. .. ..

Tricycle – Wonderland 

The Big Lonesome – Silver Plate Stains, from Payphones and Ashtrays – out 10/6

The Passerby Club – Mavens and Merlot
-from Manchester, NH

Paulz On Fire – Solitude is Exhausting


Speed Fossil – Pieces Of Eight


The Jacklights – Bad Memory 

Andrea Gillis – Champagne and Neon Light

-Devotion: with Andrea Gillis and Marc Pinansky, Sunday at 8:30 on Facebook and Instagram | Events page


NIVA: National Independent Venue Association:
Support small and independent venues. In less than 30 seconds, you can write to your representative and request they support funding.
The alternative isn’t very good. 

This is the final push to Congress and there won’t be another opportunity. We need the #SaveOurStagesAct and the #RestartAct passed in order to keep independent venues nationwide from closing permanently. Please help #SaveOurStages.

Set Fire at ONCE Ballroom, Somerville at Rock & Roll Rumble 2019 | Photo by Coleman Rogers 




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