Corner Soul at the 2019 Rock & Roll Rumble | Photos by Coleman Rogers

Pictured: Corner Soul at the 2019 Rock & Roll Rumble at ONCE Ballroom, Somerville | Photos by Coleman Rogers


I play original music from New England, not solely Boston. If you are a band or artist who is actively playing in the area, send music.

Please, Email only: 

I cannot keep up with direct messages on social media. 

I read every email received. Please send items listed below.

I do get a lot of messages and cannot respond immediately. If I have any questions, I will reach out. Thank you.

Artists and promoters, if you are requesting coverage and airplay, please include music in your press requests in the form of download files. Please include social media links so I can read about you. 

Please include 

  • song download – .wavs are great (or you can send a Bandcamp code to download)

  • streaming links to listen — Bandcamp and SoundCloud  (I do not use Spotify)

  • all social media links 

  • band bio information 

  • when and where you are playing (in light of social distancing, we obviously aren’t able to play shows. Let me know if you are streaming or creating content)

Keep in touch and remind me of what you are up to. It is totally fine to send an email regularly with updates.  

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