Watch: DJ⚡️VJ Music Video Hour, Episode Two

Boston Emissions Summer Sessions: DJ⚡️VJ, music video power hour on ONCE Virtual Venue (VV)


I am of the video music generation. It was great fun to play VJ again. Episode two of DJ⚡️VJ, the music video power hour airing on the ONCE Virtual Venue, that debuted in June. Special thanks to Bridget, JJ, Oliver, James, and the ONCE team. Maybe it’s a thing.

Episode Two, 7/23/20

Damone – What We Came Here For (edited out)

Bad Rabbits – Sextape

Pillbook – We’ll Just Stare

Murdoch – Bad Dreaming

Carissa Johnson & the Cure-Alls – So Far So Good

Exit 18 – Brace For Impacts

Parlour Bells – The Ballad of Felix Moncla

Emerald Comets – Swoon

Hyber – Ghost

The Endorphins – Static Anesthetic

Anjimile – Maker

Amazing Royal Crowns – Do The Devil

Caspian – Flowers of Light

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