Playlist + August 14, 2020

Music from When Particles Collide, Luxury Deathtrap, John Powhida, Linnea’s Garden, ZipGun Bomber, Condition Baker, We Demand Parachutes, The Roland High Life, Eldridge Rodriguez, The Zulus & Songs of the Week: Adi Sun, Phil Cambra and the Space Cadets, Circus Trees, Graveyard of the Atlantic, Wax On

Rock & Roll Rumble Takeover Weekend on ONCE Somerville’s Virtual Venue ::: Friday, Aug 28 + Sat, August 29 

Rock & Roll Rumble Takeover Weekend
New DJ VJ music video show, Fri 8/28 Event link

Rock & Roll Rumble Takeover 2: John Powhida, When Particles Collide, Luxury Deathtrap, Sat 8/29
Event Link



Songs of the Week!

1] Adi Sun – Bella Sun Lever

2] Phil Cambra and the Space Cadets – Expectations

3] Circus Trees – Wasted Air


4] Graveyard of the Atlantic – This Is Not The Antidote

5] Wax On – Wolfsheets

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When Particles Collide – Lay My Body Down For You from Fade To Gold

Luxury Deathtrap – Better This Way

John Powhida – Downtown Freddy Brown from The Bad Pilot

Linnea’s Garden – Like the Patriarchy

ZipGun Bomber – Reflections

Condition Baker – B-Side

We Demand Parachutes – Upstate

The Roland High Life – This Town Ain’t Big Enough For All of Our Sadness 

Eldridge Rodriguez – Country and Western from Slightest of Treason

Animal Flag – Sensation, from LP, 2016

Animal Flag – Jealous Lover

The Zulus – Turned On
Reunion show is on, rescheduled again to Sept 3, 2021 at the Paradise Rock Club, Boston | Event link

The Zulus

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The alternative isn’t very good. 

This is the final push to Congress and there won’t be another opportunity. We need the #SaveOurStagesAct and the #RestartAct passed in order to keep independent venues nationwide from closing permanently. Please help #SaveOurStages.

Set Fire at ONCE Ballroom, Somerville at Rock & Roll Rumble 2019 | Photo by Coleman Rogers 

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