Playlist + August 21, 2020

Music from Will Dailey, Anjimile, Nemes, Eddie Japan, Caspian, Muck and the Mires, Knock Over City, Oh The Humanity!, Waltham + Songs of the Week

Rock & Roll Rumble Takeover weekend next weekend with ONCE on their Virtual Venue.
You can join online: be part of the Zoom Room, watch on Youtube, and on FB Live. It is the last hoorah of any kind of Rumble this year, then we put it to bed until 2021.

I host a DJ VJ music video show on Friday night at 8:00 | DJ VJ x ONCE VV Fri 8/28 Event

On Saturday, it’s John Powhida, When Particles Collide, and Luxury Deathtrap and more, maybe |  ONCE VV Sat 8/29 Event

Songs of the Week

1] Adi  Sun – Bella Sun Lever

2] Circus Trees – Wasted Air

3] Condition Baker – B-Side

4] The Roland High Life – This Town Isn’t Big Enough For Both Of Our Sadness

5] Graveyard of the Atlantic – This Is Not The Antidote

This Week’s Poll.

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Will Dailey – Bad Behavior
-Live at Tupelo Music Hall Drive-in, Derry NH on Thur Aug 27

Anjimile – Baby No More from Giver Taker, out Sept 18 on Father/Daugther Records

Nemes – 60 Days

Eddie Japan – Summer Hair

Muck and the Mires – Zoom Breakup

Knock Over City – Edging

Oh The Humanity! – Sinking

Waltham – Cheryl (Come And Take A Ride)
-From our show last August at The Sinclair
– it is summery!

Caspian – Collapser from On Circles, 2020

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Great Scott update: negotiations are underway to take over the Pizzeria Regina location in Allston. To date, $208,100 has been invested. More is needed:



NIVA: National Independent Venue Association:
Support small and independent venues. In less than 30 seconds, you can write to your representative and request they support funding.
The alternative isn’t very good. 

This is the final push to Congress and there won’t be another opportunity. We need the #SaveOurStagesAct and the #RestartAct passed in order to keep independent venues nationwide from closing permanently. Please help #SaveOurStages.

Set Fire at ONCE Ballroom, Somerville at Rock & Roll Rumble 2019 | Photo by Coleman Rogers 

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