Playlist + March 5, 2021

Music from Oh The Humanity!, Service, Inverter, Doomsy, Linnea’s Garden, Keith A/B, Dutch Tulips, Dug McCormack, Jill McCracken, Mellow Bravo, Abbie Barrett, Bryan Porter Hinkley, Lenny Lashley, Mellow Bravo, Blackbutton, Songs of the Week

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Songs of the Week

1/ Lockette -The Mess

2/ Adi Sun – My Fault

3/ Kipsy -Bathtub

4/ Senseless Optimism – Lonely Daze

5/ Rice Edmonston – Last To Know

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Oh The Humanity! – Wit’s End
-new record out April 16

Service – May Song
-new EP, High Speed Vomit
Featuring Rainy from Sapling and Eye Witness on drums

Inverter – Hell (Built For You)
-from new record, Another Avalanche

Dug McCormack – all the pollinators
from solo release, Math Ghosts – a collection of imaginary soundtracks to nonexistent places/people/events

Dutch Tulips – Sick Middle

Linnea’s Garden – Science and You
-Nowhere Friday Nights out today, EP Release Show x OVV tonight ONCE Virtual Venue | EVENT

Keith A/B – Strutting Down the Halls
-from Providence

Doomsy – Perfect

Abbie Barrett – Dirty Work

Bryan Porter Hinkley – No Time

Lenny Lashley Gang of One – Hooligans

Jill McCracken – Maria

Mellow Bravo – Big Block

Blackbutton – Still Kids

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