Playlist + March 12, 2021

Music from STL GLD, Really From, RoseR, Michael Kane and the Morning Afters, War On Alexandria, Oak Grove, Salem Wolves, The Shang Hi Los, Stars Like Ours, The Jacklights, A Bunch of Jerks, Set Fire, The Dogmatics + Songs of the Week

Thanks to The Worst Talk Show with DJ Angie C & Handsome Boyfriend Dave for having me as a guest this week. Watch the stream and get listings for the cable access channels at The Worst Talk Show fb page

I get messages about sending music (dms and fb messages get lost).

Here’s what I need: 

  • download files sent in an email
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Songs of the Week reair Weds nights on On the Town with Mikey Dee on 91.5 WMFO +

Songs of the Week

1/ Oh The Humanity – Wit’s End

2/ Adi Sun – My Fault

3/ Lockette – The Mess

4/ Doomsy – Perfect

5/ Kipsy – Bathtub



Really From – Trilingual
-from their self-titled EP

RoseR – King Friday
-from Fools 

Michael Kane and the Morning Afters – Carol Kaye
-out on limited edition cassingle,

War On Alexandria – Right Here

Oak Grove – Go Easy
-from new EP, Legacies

Salem Wolves – Titanium
-from Never Die!!!

The Shang Hi Los – Sway Little Player
-from Kick It Like A Wicked Bad Habit

Stars Like Ours -Everyday

The Jacklights – Productive Member of Society

A Bunch of Jerks – White Girl Wasted

The Dogmatics – Sister Serena
-from EST 81, the reissue of their Best of 81-86

The Dogmatics – Gimme The Shakes



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