Playlist + February 26, 2021

Music from Rice Edmonston, Luxury Deathtrap, WireLines, Adi Sun, Senseless Optimism, Kipsy, Graveyard of the Atlantic, LouieBear, Tequila Sirens, STEMS, TC and the Seaside Assembly, Weakened Friends, When Particles Collide, Heroes Of The Afternoon, Pillbook, DearBones, Waltham + Songs of the Week

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I’m back. Took one week off and came back to a lot of new music. Thanks. Keep it coming. 
I addressed the Rock & Roll Rumble questions. The obvious conclusion as it takes much planning, something I am not able to do in this phase of the restrictions. 

Songs of the Week

1/ Lockette – The Mess

2/ Time and Place – Repent!

3/ Sunshine Riot – Fast Train

4/ Linnea’s Garden – Non-Dramatic Breakup Song
-Linnea’s Garden Nowhere Friday Nights EP Release Show, next Friday, March 5
ONCE virtual venue – OVV at 8pm with a list of acts including Carissa Johnson, Corner Soul, The Chelsea Curve, Hyber, Senseless Optimism, Sapling, Hands 3, Ex-Hyena, The Jacklights, Gene Dante

5/ Mint Green – Teenage Dream

Hear the show every Monday and Wednesday at 4pm on


Rice Edmonston – Last To Know
-new solo song! 

Luxury Deathtrap – Technogrip 
-new single

Wire Lines – We Disappear
-from Harvest Verses, the band released it early on bandcamp

Adi Sun – My Fault
-new single
Watch the BETV episode with Adi Sun + subscribe to BE TV

Senseless Optimism – Lonely Daze
-an anti-Valentine songs

Kipsy – Bathtub
-aka Patrick Kenny, Weymouth, Mass

Graveyard of the Atlantic – Netherland
-new self-titled record out Friday 3/5 
– Bandcamp Friday 

LouieBear – Let’s Get Away
aka Jeff Piecuch, Walpole Mass
single releases March 19

Tequila Sirens – You’re Gonna Face Someone
-new EP, Fast Clouds, out March 19
-members of soft pyramids

STEMS – Indivisible
-aka Penelope Conley
-from new release,
Hollow Bones and Withered Rust  

TC and the Seaside Assembly – Ain’t No Swan (Tim Catz, Craig Riggs, Dave Unger, Benny Grotto)
-a lot going on here with Andrea Gillis on vocals, Township’s Marc Pinansky  on back up vocals, James Rohr on piano

Weakened Friends – Hate Mail 

When Particles Collide – Lay My Body Down For You 

Heroes Of The Afternoon – Hole in the Fine Print
-from Portland, Maine (there was a Maine theme in this set)
-from new release, Speech for Ears

Pillbook – Hit Low

DearBones – I, Lucifer
OVV Once Virtual Venue Saturday night with Circus Trees – 8pm

Waltham – Cheryl (Come And Take A Ride)
-remembering Summer Rumble back in August 2019 at The Sinclair

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