Playlist + February 12, 2021

Music from Justine & the Unclean, Cold Expectations, Devil Love, Lonely Leesa & the Lost Cowboys, Mitch Belch & the Cheshire Pressure, The Good Silver, Leah Callahan, Airport, Modern Day Idols, The Tear Downs, The Gypsy Moths, Caspian + Songs of the Week

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Songs of the Week

1/ Time and Place – Repent!

2/ Sunshine Riot – Fast Train

3/ Lockette – The Mess

4/ Linnea’s Garden – Non-Dramatic Breakup Song

5/ Mint Green – Teenage Dream


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Justine & the Unclean – Scorpion Bowl To Go

Cold Expectations – Two Blueberries

Red on Red Records Virtual Showcase featuring The Jacklight, Devil Love, Justine and The Unclean, Kid Gulliver, The Neighborhoods, The Daylilies, Linnea’s Garden, Cold Expectations and more | Event Link

Devil Love – We Can Leave Tonight
-new record Broken Things, out today

Lonely Leesa & the Lost Cowboys – The Reckoning Is Here

Mitch Belch & the Cheshire Pressure – Good Night Lindsey Jean

The Good Silver – Like Superman 

Leah Callahan – A Woman Of Few Things
-new solo record Simple Folk, out March 22

Airport – Breakfast In America

Modern Day Idol – Not The Only One

Phil Cambra and the Space Cadets – Expectations 

The Tear Downs – Not the Best

The Gypsy Moths – These Days Will Run
-from new EP, Wollaston Theater 

Caspian – Flowers of Light

Caspian – Halls of Summer

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