Playlist + November 20, 2020

Music from Brix ‘N Mortar, So So, TheWorst, This Bliss, Black Helicopter, Trailer Swift, J Faith, Michael Murray, Do Not Forsake Oh My Darling, Oh The Humanity!, Lockette, Tracy Bonham, Songs of the Week from The Devil’s Twins, Idler Wheel, Corner Soul, EyeWitness, dearbones

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Songs of the Week 

1/ The Devil’s Twins – Bad Karma

2/ Idler Wheel – Sun Still Finds The West

3/ Corner Soul – Downtown
Emergency Faith is out today!

4/ EyeWitness – Artemis

5/ dearbones – Feed The Birds


Brix ‘N Mortar – Angels
-new Brix single

So So – City Streets
from debut release, Turtles All the Way Down

TheWorst – Yes Regrets
with Dana Colley from Morphine
-song and video this Fri Nov 27

J Faith – Around The Corner featuring iamsoloco
from Moving Out, due Dec 11

This Bliss – U Wanna Be
-off the Rough Trade compilation for Black Lives Matter

Michael Murray – Indifferent Languages

Trailer Swift – Nothing New from You Are Not What You Do, Oct 2020

Trailer Swift – Piss In the Well

Black Helicopter – Seams of Geldor
-off the 7” they released Oct 2019

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling – First We Take Manhattan (Leonard Cohen)
The New Number 2, 2010

Oh The Humanity! – Sinking
– from 2017’s Tired Ears EP
new record March 2021 on Hell Minded Records

Lockette – Lungs
-they were added last week but I left them off the songs of the week poll by mistake. they will be readded this week 

Tracy Bonham – Mother Mother
from Burdens of Being Upright, 1996

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