Playlist + November 13, 2020

Music from Corner Soul, ellebelle, Pregame Rituals, Erica Mantone, Lockette, Ruby Rose Fox, Caspian, Ex-Hyena, oldsoul, Phil Cambria and the Space Cadets, Sinnet, Elsewhere, Classic Ruins, & Songs of the Week from The Devil’s Twins, Idler Wheel, EyeWitness, dearbones, StrangeColorSky

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Every Monday at 2:00, hear Boston Emissions on BumbleBee Radio.

Songs of the Week air Wednesday nights on On The Town with Mikey Dee on 91.5 WMFO

Songs of the Week

1/ The Devil’s Twins – Bad Karma

2/ Idler Wheel – Sun Still Finds The West
-debut release, Breakers, out today!

3/ EyeWitness – Artemis

4/ dearbones – Feed The Birds

5/ StrangeColorSky – Glass

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Corner Soul – Downtown
rom Emergency Faith, out Nov 20


ElleBelle – Post-Everything
-aka Christopher Pappas of Everyday Visuals 

Pregame Rituals – Reasonable Doubt
-from Honest Eyes EP,
All bandcamp proceeds from this EP will be donated to “The Haven Project” in Lynn MA to advocate for homeless young adults on the North Shore

0ld soul – Like No Surprise

Erica Mantone – Maybe It’s Me
-debut single!

Lockette – Lungs
Brand new EP, Into Lungs, out today!

Ruby Rose Fox – Ronald Reagan Killed Radio from Domestic, 2016
-Ruby did a live version of this on Boston Emissions – the radio
Ruby founded a Gifted Voice program, and 
The Unstoppable Performer – now out of Chicago 

Phil Cambria and the Space Cadets – Expectations

Sinnet – Island Town

Elsewhere – The Pledge
November is Alzheimer’s awareness month

Ex-Hyena – Instant Fires
-Live stream Sunday, Nov 22nd. 4PM

Caspian – Ishmael
-Watch Caspian with the Losander Chamber Orchestra at the Cabot in Beverly, Mass

Classic Ruins – Forget About it
-from Forget About It out on Rum Bar Records on December 11

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