Playlist + December 4, 2020

Music from Dead Star Cult, Baabes, RC95, Reilly Somach, Mister Vertigo, Inspector 34, The P.A.s, Linnea’s Garden, Sapling, Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys with Ghost of the Machine, Idler Wheel, John Powhida International Airport, Knock Over City, Andrea Gillis + Songs of the Week

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Songs of the Week

1/ Idler Wheel – Sun Still Finds the West

2/ Eye Witness – Artemis (also on KSB2020)

3/ The Devil’s Twins – Bad Karma

4/ Lockette – Lungs

5/ Corner Soul – Downtown
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Dead Star Cult – Always There from KSB2020

Baabes – Maad Johnny from KSB2020

RC95 – Fade Away
-new band from
Rich Crimlisk of the Warning Shots, Salita, Ducky Boys, Morgan Knockers…

Reilly Somach  – Dream Police from KSB2020
-Reilly recorded this song for the Keep Safe Boston compilation,  a beautiful song and I am really grateful that he did this

Mister Vertigo – Indie Nerd Strikes Again
first song off their new EP, coming soon

Inspector 34 – The Gray House
-new release, Love My Life, out today, November 34th (Dec 4th) 

The P.A.’s – Orcman’s Axe

Linnea’s Garden – Superspreader
-video release tonight on x OVV (ONCE Virtual Venue) – Friday at 8pm

Sapling – Bitch Shifter from KSB2020

Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys – with Ghost of the Machine – Battle Witches
-from War Gospel, and shared for KSB2020

Idler Wheel – We Three Kings from KSB2020
-thanks for recording this holiday classic for the compilation

John Powhida International Airport –  Michael 3 O’clock 

Knock Over City – Corpse Process from KSB2020

Andrea Gills – Taxi
-Andrea and Marc do Devotion on Saturday nights on FB live and Instagram


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