Boston Emissions Nominated For Radio Show of the Year

Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood for Radio Show of the Year

I get it. We don’t put a lot of stock in awards. We do what we do and hope somebody somewhere recognizes the work and might acknowledge the help offered to them. I don’t count on it. Ever. In fact, a lot of the time people get amnesia when it comes to those who’ve helped them along the way. All that aside, it is nice on those very rare occasions to get a nod. Thanks to Boston Music Awards for nominating Boston Emissions under the newest “Radio Show of the Year” category. Viva La Rock of Boston!!

After 11 years as show host (21 in radio!), show cancellations, going independent, working to discover and introduce new bands, bringing the Rock & Roll Rumble back to life,  and advocating for Boston music, I thank you very much and I’ll keep doing it regardless of awards.

Vote for Boston Emissions at

(while you are there, throw a vote at some of the many artist BE and the Rumble has had a hand in helping along the way: SkyTigers, Corner Soul, Set Fire, Art Thieves, Carissa Johnson, Worshipper, The Rupert Selection, Exit 18, Old Jack, Eddie Japan, Weakened Friends, Lonely Leesa and the Lost Cowboys, Nate Leavitt, Magen Tracy, Walter Sickert & the ARmy of BRoken TOys, The Devil’s Twins, Summoner…..)

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