Playlist + September 25, 2020

Music from Baabes, Reilly Somach, RM Hendrix, + Boston Music Award nominees Jazzmyn Red, STL GLD, Airport, Anjimile, Julie Rhodes, SkyTigers, Lesser Glow, Caspian, Adi Sun, Pillbook, Knock Over City, Hyber + Songs of the Week

Boston Music Award nominations were announced today. Thanks very much for including Boston Emissions for Radio Show of the Year. Voting is open at


Songs of the Week

1] Roser – Rot

2] Salem Wolves – Titanium
-Rock Artist of the Year

3] Set Fire – No Quarter
-Rock Artist of the Year

4] Circus Trees – Wasted Air
-Rock Artist of the Year

5] Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band – American Fire

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Boston Music Awards 2020 | See the full list of nominees at



Baabes – Pretty Mugshot


Reilly Somach – Shoot the Messenger

RM Hendrix – Soft Targets from War Is on Its Way
-The release accompanies an essay series on Medium

Adi Sun – Bella Sun Lever
-Singer/Songwriter of the Year!

Pillbook – We’ll Just Stare
-New Artist of the Year, Pop Artist if the Year, and Aaron Garcia – Vocalist of the Year

Hyber – Ghost (Rumble Class of 2020)
-New Artist of the Year

Julie Rhodes – Chains
-Vocalist of the Year, Blues Artist of the Year

Jazzmyn Red – We Gon Make It
-Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Music Artwork of the Year by Nicole Anguish of Daykamp Creative for Jazzmyn RED – REDvolution 

STL GLD – My Block
-Song of the Year

Airport – Should Know This
-Americana Artist of the Year

Anjimile – Maker from Giver Taker
-It’s their year. Anjimile nominated for seven BMAs
Artist of the Year, Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Song of the Year,
Indie Artist of the Year, Folk Artist of the Year, Vocalist, Singer/Songwriter of the Year

Caspian – Wildblood
-Rock Artist of the Year

Knock Over City – Edging (Rumble Class of 2020)
-Punk/Hardcore Artist of the Year

Lesser Glow – Red Ayrag
-Metal Artist of the Year

SkyTigers – Keep Christ In Christmas and Out of Rock N Roll
-Punk/Hardcore Artist of the Year


Top 100 Boston Rock Songs of All-Time:

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