Playlist + September 18, 2020

Music from Emily Grogan, Choke Up, Brix ‘N Mortar, Anjimile, Kristian Montgomery, Idler Wheel, The Waitlist, Born Yesterday, Bundles, Classic Ruins, + Songs of the Week with RoseR, Salem Wolves, Motel Black, Circus Trees, Set Fire

Song of the Week!

1] RoseR – Rot

2] Salem Wolves – Titanium

3] Motel Black – Evening Standard

4] Circus Trees – Waster Air

5] Set Fire – No Quarter

All new songs added to the show each week are on the playlist and the SOTW Poll.
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Choke Up – Hart

Bundles – Oh, Brasil

The Waitlist – Death Was Really Boredom

Emily Grogan – Join Together

Anjimile – Baby No More
-new record Giver Taker out today
-virtual release show Premieres 9/19/20, 8:00pm  on

Idler Wheel – If I Catch Fire

Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band – American Fire

Born Yesterday – Flounder (Turn Around)

Brix ‘N Mortar – Suburban Murders
Troy of Brix is part of the Boston Basement Brigade crew. They released the first trailer for the upcoming documentary series:

Boston Basement Brigade (Official Trailer) from Greyson Welch on Vimeo.

The time has come to experience 4 full minutes of the DIY brutality that lived right under your feet in Boston, circa 2008. Here is the official trailer for the upcoming Boston Basement Brigade documentary series.

Classic Ruins – I Can Tell
-recorded live at ChetStock, 2016
ChetStock documentary streaming debut is Saturday, Sept 19
at 7:30pm
9.99 suggested donation | Regent Theater ticket link

Chet’s Last Call, that old second floor dive across from the Garden. It predates me by many years but I love the stories of Boston music. The documentary made its debut in 2018 and has its streaming premiere beginning tomorrow, Sept 19

Chet’s was on Causeway Street, above the Penalty Box. Different crowds, same owners. A venue across from North Station that once housed some of the most raucous bands in Boston. It quietly opened in 1983 and four years later without warning. Richard “Chet” Rooney is remembered for the love he gave to the many musicians who played at Chet’s. He died in December 2015 from a heart attack at the age of 61. His namesake room was what Boston rock legend is made of. As Joe Harvard says in the film: “Nothing but wise guys and off-duty detectives on the first floor; nothing but junkies and punk rockers and lesbians on the second floor.” Many of the bands we know and love today played Chet’s – Treat Her Right, Del Fuegos, Pixies, O Positive, Nervous Eaters, Neighborhoods, Dropkick Murphys, Throwing Muses, Scruffy The Cat, and the Bosstones, before the Mighty Mighty. It celebrated the underbelly of sounds that made Boston great. Punk, metal, industrial, rockabilly, art-rock, roots, soul, Chet’s had it.

I always wonder if walls like these could talk, what might they say?




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