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Music from Mark Sandman and Morphine, Orbit, Caspian, The Sheila Divine, STL GLD, Ruby Rose Fox, Samuel Johnson, Songs of the Week



Songs of the Week

1] Exit 18 – Her

2] AfterImage – Six Seconds

3] The Recognitions – Your Face Tomorrow

4] Eye Witness – Ghost

5] SkyTigers – Speak and Destroy 

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Orbit – American from The Lost Album, 2010
-band was able to convince Universal Music to release the record recorded back in 1998

Ruby Rose Fox – American Daddy from Salt 

Samuel Johnson – Blue Jeans
-Sam is also in the excellent band, Choke Up

Mark Sandman, photo by Paul Bergen, 1994

Mark Sandman died on this day 21 years ago while on stage in Italy with Morphine. He is the architect of  a genre that’s come to known as low rock.  His obituary by Neil Strauss as it appeared in the New York Times on July 6, 1999

Morphine – You Look Like Rain from Good – 1992

Morphine – In Spite of Me from Cure for Pain – 1993 (about Cure For Pain at 25)

Mark Sandman – I Wanna Go Home from Sandbox: The Music of Mark Sandman, 2004
-the 30-song box set as the name might suggest 

Morphine – Honey White from Yes –  1995

Mark Sandman – Tomorrow from Sandbox – 2004

Morphine – A Good Woman Is Hard to Find from The Night – 2000
-released in 2000, posthumously

Morphine – Cure for Pain from Cure for Pain 


Morphine came together in 1989 with bassist and vocalist Mark Sandman, from Treat Her Right, saxophonist Dana Colley, a formerly of Three Colors, and drummer Jerome Deupree, who played with Mark in The Hypnosonics. Mark was constantly creating, often experimenting with home-made instruments, and fashioned a single-stringed bass guitar with a slide, later adding a second string. A signature move that would inspire a generation of artists Josh Homme of Kyuss and Queens of the Stoneage, Les Claypool of Primus (who recorded a version of Honey White), and Mike Watt of Minutemen, firehose, and the Stooges.  When Jerome Deupree briefly left the group in 1991 and  Treat Her Right drummer Billy Conway stepped in. Billy and Jerome have often been a part of subsequent Morphine-related performances. 

The Sheila Divine  – Melancholy, MA
-off Rough Trade compilation for Black Lives Matter
Great line: Liberal Tears in our Fenway Beers

STL GLD – Ashes with Will Dailey and Oompa from from The New Normal, 2019

Caspian – Circles on Circles from On Circles, 2020

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