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Music from Reilly Somach, Trailer Swift, SkyTigers, This Body Is All That I Have In This World, Parlour Bells, Modern Day Idols, The Endorphins, Wax On, Pregame Rituals, Justine & the Unclean, Ringtail, Pity Pattern, The Shallows, Mission of Burma, Songs of the Week


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Songs of the Week

1] Exit – 18 Her
2] AfterImage – Six Seconds
3] Fire for Cavemen – Atlantic
4] Eye Witness – Ghost
5] The Recognitions – Your Face Tomorrow

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Reilly Somach – Dying Parade

-solo song from from Reilly; he left off his artist bio is that his band The Rupert Selection are 2017 Rock & Roll Rumble Finalists, that introduced them to the city of Boston. They subsequently were nominated for Boston Musics Awards in Rock Artist of the Year in 2018 & 2019.

Trailer Swift – Disintegrate

The Endorphins – Your Mind Is Broken 

Modern Day Idols – Not The Only One
-their 7 song self-titled EP came out in March

Justine and the Unclean – Fourth Love
-from the Rum Bar Records, Somebody Out There Is Having A Party Vol 2 Summer Sampler
–Sun 6/28, Fourth Anniversary Mess A Round on ONCE VV 

Ringtail – Ask The Dust
-new EP, Drug Pudding, due this year

Hands 3 – Everything Must Go
-from their debut EP, Hands and Ray are also in Corner Soul.
2019 Rumble Finalists and subsequent BMA nominees. See how that works?

This Body Is All I have In This World – I Want You Too  

Parlour Bells – The Ballad of Felix Moncla

The Shallows – Arsonist

Pregame Rituals – Devil’s Son

Pity Pattern – Nowhere

Wax On – Congratulations! (So How Is That Band At the Glitterbox?)

SkyTigers – Speak and Destroy from Eulorgy
-out now on Sound Investment Records

Mission of Burma – Academy Fight Song
Mission of Burma were in the first Rumble at the Rat in 1979

From Rumble wiki page:
1979: The Neighborhoods, LaPest were finalists at The Rat with Arion Deuce, Charge, Classic Ruins, Dawgs, Harlequin, Hits, Jets, Kid Morocco, Lazers, Lyres, The Maps, Meltdown, Mission of Burma, Phobia, Reckless, Rings, The Streets, Marc Thor, Thrills, Unnatural Axe, Vinny Band, Zoo Types

Their debut single, Academy Fight Song, was released 40 years ago. Rolling Stone recently placed it 64th on their list of the greatest 100 debut singles of all time. As Jim Sullivan writes on, Bidding A Quiet Adieu To Cacophonous Post-Punk Band Mission Of Burma

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