Boston Emissions: July 24, 2019

New music from Cave In, Old Jack, Weaklings, Lockette, AdapterAdapter, Club d’Elf, Kate Kaelin, Trailer Swift, The Dogmatics, Aloud and more + Songs of the Week + Local Listings |

New music from Cave In, Old Jack, Weaklings, Lockette, AdapterAdapter, Club d’Elf, Kate Kaelin, Trailer Swift, The Dogmatics, Aloud and more + Songs of the Week + Local Listings |



Songs of the Week

1] Baluchitherium – Change These Strings

2] Rabbithole – Late For Lunch

3] Eddie Japan – Summer Hair

4] Horsemode – Breath

5] Carissa Johnson and the Cure-Alls – So Far So Good
Friday 7/26 at the Sinclair with Damone, Slim Jim and the Mad Cows


The Dogmatics – Summertime
-first Dogmatics in 30 years!
-Next show, Aug 9 at Askew Providence with Justine and the Unclean, Nat Freedberg

Old Jack – Beaches
-Sat Aug 3 at SUMMER RUMBLE at The Sinclair with Waltham, Set Fire, Abbie Barrett, Corner Soul
Brand new song will be available on at Summer Rumble on 8/3 on OldJack’s Summer Jams in limited edition cd form, and on bandcamp later

Weaklings – Church Keys

Trailer Swift – Running Behind

AdapterAdapter – Give Up The Ghost

Fire In the Field – Under The Sun

The Forest Effect – Out On The Mountainside

Kato Kaelin – Rx Drugs

Death Pesos- Madam Sorceress

Freeloader – Rag Dog from The Path of Least Resistance
-Nat and Jim for the Upper Crust and more there is no band page, so it takes a long tie

Aloud – Live TV

Lockette – In The Dark

Abbie Barrett – Better Machine
Sat, Aug 3 at The Sinclair

Club d’Elf – Level Up Your Soul with Hayley Jane from Hayley Jane and the Primates

Cave In – Shake My Blood from Final Transmission, 2019
Half the proceeds from Final Transmission will be given to Caleb’s wife and children

After two shows at The Sinclair sold out, Cave In added a third and final show in this run at Great Scott in Allston on Mon Oct 21 – some tickets remain


Damone – Up To You
Friday at The Sinclair!


7/24 Rozwell Kid, Perspective, A Lovely hand To Hold, Pet Fox, Dog Stuff at ONCE

7/24 You Scoundrel, From Parts Unknown, Fake Bodies, Charmed & Strange at O’Brien’s

7/24 Giant in the Lighthouse, Squash, Large Print at UnChARTed, Lowell

7/24 Grand Commander, The I Want You, Baylies, Nerd Neck at The Midway, Jamaica Plain

7/25 Holy Grail, Striker, Bewitcher,  Black Mass at ONCE

7/26 Damone, Carissa Johnson + the Cure Alls,  Slim Jim + the Mad Cows at the Sinclair – Sold Out

7/26 The Silks, Todd Thibaud, Ward Hayden, Charlie Marie & Greg Klyma at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge

7/26 Mercury on Mars, Nuclear Bootz, Balichutherium, Graneros at The Midway, Jamaica Plain

7/26 The Buttertones,  daisybones, Tzivia & theband Vú at ONCE Somerville

7/26 Dawn of End, Plea of Insanity, They Look Human, Atomic Bastards at The Jungle, Somerville

7/26 Western Education, blindspot, Fish House at UnchARTed Lowell

7/27 The NE Ska Summit with Bim Skala Bim, The Copecetics, The Hempsteadys and El Grande at ONCE

7/27 Time and Place at Koto in Salem, Mass

7/27 Les Sans Coullettes, Muck + the Mires, Fireking, Hambone Skinny at the Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain

7/27 Horse Mode, Corner Soul, The Womps, TheShirtsandShoes, Inspector 34 at UnchARTed Lowell – All Ages

7/27 Ghost Truckers, Murphy and the Mess, Speedfossil at Sally O Brien’s

7/27  This Bliss, Sidewalk Driver,  The Furies at the Lizard Lounge

7/28 Loma Prieta, Jeromes Dream, ECW, Amitié, Kindling at ONCE

7/28 Zipper, Road Soldier, Larseny, Jig Fish at the Midway Cafe

7/29 Jetty Bones with Bloom, Shallow Pools at ONCE

7/29 Crunk Witch, Telelectrix, Minusworld,  Mei Ohara at the Midway Cafe

7/29 White Elephant, Fish House, Neia Jane at O’Briens

7/29 The Vigilantes (reunion) at Great Scott

7/29 The Purps, Detroit Rebellion, The First Supper at The Jungle

7/30 The Prizefighters, The New Limits, The Dirty Dottys and DJ Panda at the Midway

7/31 Black Leather Lagoon, Poison Boys, Thee Fightin’ Fish at The Jungle

8/2 Lonely Leesa, Eric Salt, Red Red Rockit at Sally O’Brien’s

8/2 Prateek, Plumes, Wyn Doran at O’Brien’s

8/2 The Weisstronauts Beach Party at Aeronaut Allston, 5p No Cover

8/2 Cleaver/Walker/Messerly (of Wussy) with Thalia Zedek and Chris Brokaw at the Midway

8/3 Waltham, Set Fire, Abbie Barrett Band, OldJack and Corner Soul at The Sinclair 7pm

8/3 Gabby’s World + Bellows with Lady Pills and Puppy Problems at ONCE

8/5 Mike Krol & Swearin’ , Leopard Print Taser at ONCE

8/5 Maddy Roop, Alec Morrissey, Erika Hansen at  The Jungle

8/6 Soaked In Strange, Grex (OAK), Brown Lasers at O’Briens

8/7 Kira Jari, Scamps, Crimps, Sticker Shock at O’Brien’s

8/10  The Electric Mess, Muck & The Mires, Watts at Sally O’Briens

8/10 Girls Rock Campaign Boston 12pm $15 -where? ONCE?

8/10 No Small Children, PowerSlut, and The Knock Ups at ONCE

8/10 The Silks, Tim Gearan Band, Christian McNeill, Ali McGuirk Brighton Music Hall

8/13 Cheer Accident, Rabbit Rabbit Radio, Mission Creep at ONCE

8/13 Sparrows, Girih, Rasputin at O’Brien’s

8/14 Deke Dickerson, Bloodshot Bill, Jittery Jack and DJ Easy Ed at ONCE

8/15 145, Glider, Crunchtime, Sara & the Scaliwags at The Jungle

8/15 Hope & Things, Jakals, Deathhand at Lizard Lounge

8/16 Cocked N’ Loaded, Hey Zeus, Scissorfight at Great Scott

8/17 The Rizzos, Double Star, Shotgun Waltz, Adam Murphy at The Jungle

8/17 Weaklings, the Cryptkeeper Five, Damnation, and Gallowmere at the Hong Kong, Cambridge

8/18 Possum, Martin/Morell/Fredette, The Chelsea Curve, Tsunami of Sound at the Midway

8/19 Slept, Tiffy, Wetsuit at The Jungle

8/21 Miss Mojom Jill McCracken, Noble Dust at ONCE

8/21 IxTxSx , No/Más, Moisturizer and Hit-Run Drivers at O’Briens

8/22 OC45, El Escapado (NSH), The Runouts, Sick Minds at O’Briens

8/23 Sidewalk Driver, Parks at Brighton Music Hall

8/23 Throwing Muses and Fred Abong at City Winery

8/23 Telelectrix, Big Time Kill, Force Reaction at The Jungle

8/24 Dead Shakers, Babydriver, and Baby Dream O’Briens 9pm $10

8/24 Greg Hawkes and Eddie Japan at the Burren Backroom, Somerville

8/25 The Duchess Elizabeth von Teig at O’Brien’s 8pm No cover listed

8/27 Leggy, Littlefoot, Honey Cutt at ONCE

8/29 Death Pesos, Zip-Tie Handcuffs, Sundrifter, Jessica Rabbit Syndrome at O’Briens

8/30 The I Want You, Pilgrims of Yearning, The Spearmint Sea, The Nimbleines at The Jungle

8/30 Have A Nice Life,  The Fake Boys at Great Scott

8/31 Fk the Str8 Parade with When Particles Collide, Salem Wolves, Bridge Under Fire

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