Boston Emissions: July 31, 2019

New music from Jakals, Steady Vex, RIBS + SkyTigers, and Songs of the Week!

New music from RIBS, Jakals, Steady Vex + Songs of the Week

Songs of the Week

1] Lockette – In the Dark

2] Baluchitherium – Change These Strings

3] The Dogmatics – Summertime

4] Weaklings – Church Keys

5] Old Jack – Seagulls On The Beaches
-special edition available Saturday night The Sinclair

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RIBS – Too Long

Stars Like Our – Everyday

SkyTigers – Suffocate for Beauty

Jakals – Irregular Noises

Steady Vex – Lost Twin

Permafrost – Sequin In Your Dress


Boston Emissions Bonus 8.2.19

Frank Pino from Waltham

Summer Sessions with Jess and Jim from Set Fire


7/31 Black Leather Lagoon, Poison Boys, Thee Fightin’ Fish at The Jungle

8/2 Lonely Leesa, Eric Salt, Red Red Rockit at Sally O’Brien’s

8/2 Prateek, Plumes, Wyn Doran at O’Brien’s

8/2 The Weisstronauts Beach Party at Aeronaut Allston, 5p No Cover

8/2 Cleaver/Walker/Messerly (of Wussy) with Thalia Zedek and Chris Brokaw at the Midway

8/3 Waltham, Set Fire, Abbie Barrett Band, OldJack and Corner Soul at The Sinclair 7pm

8/3 Gabby’s World + Bellows with Lady Pills and Puppy Problems at ONCE

8/5 Mike Krol & Swearin’ , Leopard Print Taser at ONCE

8/5 Maddy Roop, Alec Morrissey, Erika Hansen at  The Jungle

8/6 Soaked In Strange, Grex (OAK), Brown Lasers at O’Briens

8/7 Kira Jari, Scamps, Crimps, Sticker Shock at O’Brien’s

8/10  The Electric Mess, Muck & The Mires, Watts at Sally O’Briens

8/10 Girls Rock Campaign Boston 12pm $15 -where? ONCE?

8/10 No Small Children, PowerSlut, and The Knock Ups at ONCE

8/10 The Silks, Tim Gearan Band, Christian McNeill, Ali McGuirk Brighton Music Hall

8/13 Cheer Accident, Rabbit Rabbit Radio, Mission Creep at ONCE

8/13 Sparrows, Girih, Rasputin at O’Brien’s

8/14 Deke Dickerson, Bloodshot Bill, Jittery Jack and DJ Easy Ed at ONCE

8/15 145, Glider, Crunchtime, Sara & the Scaliwags at The Jungle

8/15 Hope & Things, Jakals, Deathhand at Lizard Lounge

8/16 Cocked N’ Loaded, Hey Zeus, Scissorfight at Great Scott

8/17 The Rizzos, Double Star, Shotgun Waltz, Adam Murphy at The Jungle

8/17 Weaklings, the Cryptkeeper Five, Damnation, and Gallowmere at the Hong Kong, Cambridge

8/18 Possum, Martin/Morell/Fredette, The Chelsea Curve, Tsunami of Sound at the Midway

8/19 Slept, Tiffy, Wetsuit at The Jungle

8/21 Miss Mojom Jill McCracken, Noble Dust at ONCE

8/21 IxTxSx , No/Más, Moisturizer and Hit-Run Drivers at O’Briens

8/22 OC45, El Escapado (NSH), The Runouts, Sick Minds at O’Briens

8/23 Sidewalk Driver, Parks at Brighton Music Hall

8/23 Throwing Muses and Fred Abong at City Winery

8/23 Telelectrix, Big Time Kill, Force Reaction at The Jungle

8/24 Dead Shakers, Babydriver, and Baby Dream O’Briens 9pm $10

8/24 Greg Hawkes and Eddie Japan at the Burren Backroom, Somerville

8/25 The Duchess Elizabeth von Teig at O’Brien’s 8pm No cover listed

8/27 Leggy, Littlefoot, Honey Cutt at ONCE

8/29 Death Pesos, Zip-Tie Handcuffs, Sundrifter, Jessica Rabbit Syndrome at O’Briens

8/30 The I Want You, Pilgrims of Yearning, The Spearmint Sea, The Nimbleines at The Jungle

8/30 Have A Nice Life,  The Fake Boys at Great Scott

8/31 Fk the Str8 Parade with When Particles Collide, Salem Wolves, Bridge Under Fire



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