Playlist + May 15, 2020

Music from Bells, Goddamn Draculas, STEMS, Phenomenal Sun, 123 Astronaut, Trailer Swift, Parts Per Million, Set Fire, Birnam Wood, SkyTigers, Atwater Punx, Airport, The Color and Sound, Cujo, Methadone Kitty


Songs of the Week 

1) AfterImage – Six Seconds 

2) SteadyState – Fast Machine

3) Square Ape – Why Us

4) Fire For  Cavemen – Atlantic 

5) The Waitlist – Leave My Lungs 

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Phenomenal Sun – Saturn’s Day
-catch Adi Sun’s live stream on Friday, May 22 as part of ONCE’s Virtual Venue |


Parlour Bells – The Ballad of Felix Moncla
More about this and the band’s process in the At Home feature above.
New video :::

Goddamn Draculas – Memory from The Memory Demos
2014 Rock & Roll Rumble champions released their final recordings. Good night.

123 Astronaut – The Fade Out – due May 29
Catch Jeff Robbins’ live stream Tuesday at 7. He’s doing Orbit and 123 Astronaut songs

-Penelope wrote and played every single thing on this their third pandemic recording, IAMNOTINVISIBLE, available on on bandcamp

Methadone Kitty – Common Courtesy
-from North Andover

Matt York – Scent of Sin
-a home recording, much like Penelope of STEMS, Matt plays everything on the song

One of the many musicians whose plans were completely derailed with tour dates and SXSW showcases dead.  

Trailer Swift – Nothing New from You Are Not What You Do, May 22

Trailer Swift – Disintegrate 

Parts Per Million – Vision

Set Fire – Room A Thousand Years Wide
-2019 Rumble crown keepers who did not do this cover, instead the slayed with No Quarter by Led Zeppelin

Birnam Wood – Richard Dreyfuss
-I love sharks

SkyTigers – Suffocate for Beauty from Appetite for Reconstruction, dated 1955. Time travel.
-The band are not a
Boston Music Award nominee for Punk Artist of the  Year. They are winners. Rumble bump. 

Atwater Punx – Ghost Town
-brainchild of
Stacy Jones (Letters to Cleo) and Kristen Wagner Jones (Bullet & Snowfox). It’s a family affair. 

Airport – Slow Fade
Many of you are finding inspiration through new forms of creativity. Airport pulled off a new video.
I only wish it had more dogs….

CUJO – Think of Me

The Color and Sound recorded live on Boston Emissions Summer Sessions (I forgot the date, I’m looking for it)

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