Playlist + January 22, 2021

Music from Dutch Tulips, Time and Place, The Winter Project, Saturniids, Sunshine Riot, Out of the Way, Tim Kile, Jazzmyn Red, Atwater Punx, Dead Star Cult, Ruby Rose Fox, Anjimile, Hyber, Linnea’s Garden with Crow Follow, Scissorfight, Songs of the Week


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Songs of the Week

1/ War On Alexandria – California

2/ RoseR – Nice, Guy
-from Fools EP

3/ Mister Vertigo – Indie Nerd Strikes Again
from EP, Indie Nerd Strikes Again

4/ The Quins – Wild Ones

5/ DearBones – I, Lucifer



Dutch Tulips – Pez Mansion

Time and Place – Repent!
-from new EP,
American White Noise

The Winter Project – Grounded 

Saturniids – Springtime
-debut release, Duplicate Tapes, out on March 6

Sunshine Riot – Fast Train
They recorded Electrical Tape EP with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago

Out of the Way – Insurrection

Tim Kile – Witness
-Tim was in NH band
Wild Light before joining Arcade Fire

Jazzmyn Red – ShootHer
from REDvolution, Summer 2020

Atwater Punx – Drums of Death
off The Flea Draws Blood, debut EP 

Dead Star Cult – Always There

Ruby Rose Fox – Reagan Killed The Radio
from 2016’s Domestic

Anjimile – Maker 

Hyber – Ghost

Linnea’s Garden with Crow Follow – Doombuggy!

Scissorfight – Lick and a Promise

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