Playlist + January 15, 2021

Music from Abbie Barrett, The Endorphins, War On Alexandria, Airport, The Quins, Paper Tigers, Cruel Miracle, Bleu, Patrick Barry, In the Meantime, Holy Smoke, Henley Row All-Stars, Devil Love, Michael Murray, Sky and Korn, Ex-Hyena, Jazzmyn Red + Songs of the Week


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Songs of the Week

1/ Mister Vertigo – Indie Nerd Strikes Again

2/ RoseR – Nice Guy

3/ Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band – Don’t Call Me Baby

4/ Dear Bones – I, Lucifer

5/ The Shang Hi Los – Skipping Records
-Debut EP, Kick It Like A Wicked Bad Habit, out Fri 1/22


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Abbie Barrett – Dirty Work (Steely Dan)

The Endorphins – Moving In Stereo (The Cars)

War On Alexandria – California 


Airport – Breakfast in America (Supertramp)

The Quins – Wild Ones

Paper Tigers – Spirit Folk
from new
 EP, Mononoke

Cruel Miracle – Ripping
rom new EP, Camaraderie

Bleu – Golden Child
-Brand new video;
features Joe Seiders of The Everyday Visuals and New Pornographers on drums

Patrick Barry – Illusion of Choice

In the Meantime – You’re The Worst

Holy Smoke – Stephen Colbert for President

Henley Row All-Stars – The Show Will Go On
-released on New Year’s Eve to raise funds for the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge –

Chuck Ferreira – Drums and percussion
Eric Donahue – Bass
Magen Tracy – Piano, vox
Phil Aiken – Organ
Chad Raleigh – Guitar
Nate Leavitt – Guitar, Vox
Craig Small – Guitar, Vox
Paul Gallo – Snare, Vox
Dave Santos – Vox
Dave Mirabella – Vox
Erica Mantone -Vox
Dan Nicklin – Vox
Leesa Coyne – Vox
Dino Cattaneo – Vox

Devil Love – Gold Currency
New record, Broken Things, out Feb 12

Michael Murray – Maybe So

Sky and Korn – Pulse

Ex-Hyena – Motorfreaks
-Song available Tues 1/19; Artificial Pulse, debut release, out in Feb 

Jazzmyn Red – We Gon Make It

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