Boston Emissions: October 30, 2018

Boston Emissions | October 30, 2018

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Boston Emissions Songs of the Week 

5] Watts – Queens

4] Radio Compass – Going Gone

3] Fidel – Therapy

2] Forktie – Anywhere But Here

1] Mister Vertigo – The Official Ironmen Rally Song


Bleu – I Won’t Go Hollywood – he did, but it went alright.
He’s a new dad. Congrats to the McAuleys!

The Runouts – Static

Salem Wolves – Shake
-Thurs Dec 20 at ONCE Somerville with HAIL SANTA!, When Particles Collide
Spectacular Gift Drive for DCF Wonderfund

Cruel Miracle – What You Need

Justine and the Unclean – This System Is Set To Self Destruct
-Nov 16 at Sally O’Brien’s Somerville

Stars Like Ours – Everyday
-Nov 16 at O’Briens Allston with The Melatonins, Ringtail, Officer

Back Seat Redemption – Crime Pays
– Jan 11, 19 Midway Cafe with Above The Din

The Organ Beats – Sleep When We Are Dead

Luxury Deathtrip – Sinking Ship
-Fri, Dec 21 at Ralph’s Rock Diner, Worcester with Swivel, Forktie, Phenomenal Sun.

Green Piece – Don’t Go Away

Dots On Dice – Modern Lover (of the Highest Order)

The Royal Me – David Lee Back Door Roth

blindspot – I Won’t Let Your Heart Break
-Sat,  Nov 3 at Uncharted Lowell with Phil Cambra & the Space Cadets, Sons Lunaris, Slow Loris

Powerslut – Hot Tub Wingman
-11/8 at Sally O’Brien’s with Johnny Blazes and the Pretty Boys and Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band

Classic Number: Robin Lane and the Chartbusters – When Things Go Wrong from the DIY Mass Ave  the Boston Scene 1975-1983 compilation

Kingdom of Love – Two Souls

Crooked Horse – Maybe
-Sun, Nov 4 at Atwood’s Tavern – matinee, 4PM-6PM

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