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SONGS OF THE WEEK (did the top three this week)

Tysk Tysk Task – Trazodone

Evil Felipe – Forever And A Day

Happy Little Clouds – The Emperor’s Song



Halfcocked – The Last Star
-the band is back! Playing a hometown show on Sat, May 4 | Event | Tickets

-two demo singles recorded in 2002 were released last Friday

Read about the band, Halfcocked & Fully Loaded here 

Halfcocked – Into The Spotlight

Halfcocked May 4


Stars Like Ours – A Way To Remember
-Sat, March 23 at The Lizard Lounge with Andrea Gills — plus say goodbye to Barbara Walsh before she moves to Amsterdam

The Shang Hi Los – Op-Operator

We Broke The Weather – Marionette

Komodo Rojo – Good

Fates Of Furies – Cosmic Surfing
Supergroup featuring
Saraswathi Jones: Songwriter, formerly a member of Awaaz Do
Leilani Roser: Former member of Hammer and Snake, Viva Gina
Amy Gee: Member of the Daylilies and Endation, former member of Linnea’s Garden and Tysk Tysk Task
Jagdeep Singh: Former member of Awaaz Do
Slamz Slusser: Has played in many Boston bands over the years, including Magic People
Shahjistan Khan: Member of The Kominas

Lions and Lavender – The Host

Canyons and Locusts – Buck Dharma’s Eyes

Sorry, Ma – Albatross

Eric Barlow – Remains of May

Taken By Vultures – Dr. Klaw

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