Boston Emissions: October 23, 2019

New music from Black Beach, The Shirts & Shoes, Exit 18, The Shallows, David Age, The Daily Pravda, Sinnet + Cave In, Defeater + Songs of the Week | @bostonemissions

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Songs of the Week

1] blindspot – Upside Down

2] Baluchetherium – Change These Strings 

3] Part Per Million -No More Days 

4] War on Alexandria – Sleep Deprived

5] Bossnova – Kiss of Death


Black Beach – Positive Feedback Loop
-from new release, Tapeworm
Fri 11/01 at New World Tavern, Plymouth, MA

The Shirts and Shoes – Wolf
Fri 10/25 Wicked Riffs: A Benefit for the ACLU with The Shirts & Shoes, Green Piece, Stella Starfox at Bennet Public Library, Concord Rd, Billerica

Exit 18 – Brace For Impact
-Thanksgiving Eve show, Weds Nov 27 at 9 Wallis in Beverly

The Shallows – Arsonist
-debut EP, Arsonist, release Sat 11/2 at Union Tavern, Somerville

David Age – Ghost of the Radio 
-solo songs from founder of Favorite Atomic Hero and David Age + the Regrets 

The Daily Pravda – Diamonds

Sinnet – Lil Flicker
-from Tennis Elbow Club EP
Weds 11/27 EP release with Macrotone, Helenor at Great Scott, Allston

Cave In – Shake My Blood
-from Final Transmissions
–portion of proceeds go to the family of Caleb Scofield

Defeater – Atheists In Foxholes


LOCAL LISTINGS (send yours via email, include music)

Thurs 10/24  The I Want You & The Weisstronauts & BARK (Knoxville TN) at Sally O’Briens, Somervillle 

Thurs 10/24 The Rationales, The Grownup Noise, John Hanson Project at the Jungle, Somerville

Thurs 10/24 The Astounds, Black Helicopter, Greed Island & Park Doing at O’Briens, Allston

Thurs 10/24 Robinwood, A Crash Republic, A Bunch of Jerks and Burn the Boats at Ralph’s Diner, Worcester

Fri 10/25 Wicked Riffs: A Benefit for the ACLU with The Shirts & Shoes, Green Piece, Stella Starfox at Bennet Public LIbrary, Concord Rd, Billerica

Fri 10/25 Flamin’ Groovies, Richard Lloyd Group and Tiger Bomb at ONCE Somerville

Fri 10/25 Justine Black Threads, The Chelsea Curve, Little Billy Lost at the Square Root, Roslindale

Fri 10/25 Nat Freedberg & No Brainer, Modern Day Idols, Oberon Rose at the Jungle, Somerville

Sat 10/26 The Fleshtones, Muck + the Mires and more at Once Ballroom

Sat 10/26 Straya The Bat, Maniacal Laughter, Black Cheers, Michael Kane at Midway Cafe, JP

Sat 10/26 Pale Lips, The Gala, Loretta, & Kathy Snax at O’Briens, Allston

Sat 10/26 The Worried, Fireking, Electric Joey at the Square Root, Roslindale

Sat 10/26 An Evening with Bill Janovitz & Friends at the Burren Backroom, Somerville

Sat 10/26 Old Jack’s Last Saturdays  with The Lights Out as The Cars, Boston Ill Harmonic as The Beatles, The Guys From Scamper as Nada Surf, Dave Mirabella as Nick Drake

Sun 10/27 Duke Levine, Sean Staples, Hazel & Eric Royer matinee at Atwoods, Cambridge

Sun 10/27 After The Fall, Postage, Rude, Weaklings at O’Briens, Allston

Mon 10/28 Halloween Hall-Of-Dreams 2019 at ONCE Lounge, Somerville with Lockette as The Go-Gos, Your Shitty Future as the Bronx, Bedtime Magic as Pat Benetar, The Straight Eights as Misfits with special guest Carissa Johnson as Aimee Mann/ ‘Til Tuesday

Mon 10/28 Children of the Flaming Wheel, Bong Wish, BEND at the Midway Cafe, JP

Tues 10/29 Songwriter Roundup Hosted by Katie Dobbins at the Burren Backroom, Somerville 

Tues 10/29 Dead Soft, Sorry, Anonymous Friends, Why, Arizona? At O’Briens, Allston

Wed 10/30 Graveyard Of The Atlantic, Husbands, Karate Steve at the Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain 

Thurs 10/31 The Satanics at the Plough and Stars

Thurs 10/31 GRCB Fundraiser at ONCE, Somervillle 

Thurs 10/31 Vapors Of Morphine “Ocean” themed Halloween at Atwoods, Cambridge

Fri 11/1 Baluchitherium release show and costume party for “Lost Glasses, Empty Love” with Hambone Skinny, Sapling, WarGraves, members of The Runouts doing an acoustic set at Club Bohemia at the Cantab, Cambridge 

Fri 11/1 Stand Back! Prince & Stevie Nicks Tribute with John Powhida International Airport & Stevie Chicks at the Foundation Room, Boston

Fri 11/1 Greg Hawkes with Eddie Japan featuring Music of The Cars at Iron Horse, Northampton

Fri 11/1 Charles Delta, War on Alexandria, Condition Baker at Sally O’Briens, Somerville

Sat 11/2 Cold Expectations, Gene Dante & The Future Starlets, The Chelsea Curve at Sally O’Briens, Somerville

Sat 11/2 WERS 70th Birthday with Nick Lowe and Adia Victoria at the Paramount Centre, Boston

Sat 11/2 Ruby Rose Fox sings Leonord Cohen at Lillypad, Cambridge

Sat 11/2 The Devil’s Twins 4th Annual Halloweentown Throwdown at Opus, Salem

Sat 11/2 Dead Trains (Single Release),Sturgeon, Death Pesos, Golf Weapons at O’Briens, Allston

Sat 11/2 The Shallows EP Release Party at Union Tavern, Somerville

Sun 11/3 Payton Gin, Noah G. Fowler, Nora Meier, Paper Lady at Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain

Tues 11/5 The Von Traps, Pretty Pleased (Chicago), Crunchtime at the Jungle, Somerville

Tues 11/5 Alexus Lee, Lisa Bello, Kaovanny at Midway Cafe, JP

Wed 11/6 Great Grandpa with DUMP HIM and Really From at Once, Somerville

Thurs 11/7 Roland Pearsall, Eric Salt, Andrea Gillis, Mark Schwaber at the Jungle

Thurs 11/7 Chained to The Bottom Of the Ocean, Mountain Man, Non- at O’Briens, Allston

Fri 11/8 GAYC/DC w/ Patty Bourrée and BEDTIMEMAGIC at Once, Somerville

Fri 11/8 Stompbox Sonic’s 10th Birthday at QDivision, Somerville

Fri 11/8 Fireking, Modern Day Idols, PowerSlut at KOTO, Salem

Fri 11/8 The Silks at Atwood’s Tavern, Cambridge

Sat 11/9 Muck & the Mires, The DENTS, Gotham Rockets (NYC) at Sally O’Briens, Somerville

Sat 11/9 Black Helicopter, Baabes, blindspot, Jakals at Opus, Salem

Sat 11/9 Off Axis // The Dirty Dottys // Tory Silver // Lady Lupine at the Jungle, Somerville

Sun 11/10 The World is a Beautiful Place, Harmony Woods at Great Scott, Allston

Mon 11/11 Sonny Falls (Chicago), Snoozer, Dog Stuff at O’Briens, Allston

Tues 11/12 Bernie & The Wolf, Sorry, slo-anne at Midway Cafe, JP

Tues 11/12 Mint Green / Hush Club / Les Soniques (MTL) / Jeb Bush Orchestra at O’Briens, Allston

Wed 11/13 Halfsour, Fran, Rick Rude, Jeff Beam at O’Briens, Allston

Thurs 11/14 Stars Hollow, Niiice., with Closure and Perfect Saturday at O’Briens, Allston

Thurs 11/14 Lily Black, Hyber, Kid Gulliver at Opus, Salem

Thurs 11/14 Airport, Magen Tracy and the Missed Connections, Love Love at The Jungle, Somerville

Fri 11/15 The Blue Ribbons Record Release, Thoughts & Prayers at the Lizard Lounge, Cambridge

Fri 11/15 Red Red Rockit, For Lack of a Term, 7CS at the Jungle, Somervillle

Fri 11/15 Sarah Borges and The Broken Singles Night 1, with Chris Hersch at Burren Backroom, Somerville

Sat 11/16 The Hi-Risers and Goons at the Midway Cafe, JP

Sat 11/16 Sarah Borges and The Broken Singles Night 2, Abbie Barrett at Burren Backroom, Somerville

Sun 11/17 Ali Barter, blindspot, Radio Compass at ONCE, Somerville

Sun 11/17 Scorpio Rising IV with Thrust Club, The Downhauls, Daphne Blue Underworld, The OSYX (DC) at O’Briens Allston

Fri 11/22 Chandler Travis Three-O with Kami Lyle at Club Passim, Cambridge

Fri 11/22 Letters to Cleo and Speedy Ortiz at the Paradise, Allston

Fri 11/22 Slim Jim + The Mad Cows at The Porch, Medford

Fri 11/22 Ryan Lee Crosby, Ilana Katz Katz at The Haymarket Lounge at City Winery, Boston

Fri 11/22 Adam Ezra Group w/ Opener Lisa Bouchelle at City Winery, Boston

Sat 11/23 Letters to Cleo and Speedy Ortiz at the Paradise, Allston

Sat 11/23 Love The Bands ; Smitt E Smitty, Powerslut, Corner Soul, The Rupert Selection – ONCE in Somerville

Sat 11/23 An Evening with Bill Janovitz & Friends at Burren Backroom, Somerville

Sat 11/23 The Knock Ups, blindspot, Lonely Leesa & The Lost Cowboys at Sally O’Briens, Somerville

Mon 11/25  Weaklings, Cook Bag, SkyTigers, Charlies Kitchen, Harvard Square

Mon 11/25 Willzyx, Needle Play, NoiSays, Omnia at O’Briens, Allston

Mon 11/25 Doug Linse, Scott of Somerset, Daniel J. Turnbull, Kyle Flynn at Midway Cafe, JP

Mon 11/25 Atomic Bastards, Nerd Neck, Burn the Boats at the Jungle, Somerville

Tues 11/26 Junior Beef, Humbug, The Year 1917, Red Ledger at O’Briens, Allston

Wed 11/27 Sinnet EP Release with the Macrotones, Helenor at Great Scott, Allston

Wed 11/27 Bravo Sierra, Handsome, Gull Boy, We Are Space Horses at the Midway Cafe, JP

Fri 11/29 The Rupert Selection 4th Annual Black Friday Show at Opus, Salem

Sat 11/30 Mark Lind & The Unloved with Bryan McPherson and MKatMA at Great Scott, Allston

Sat 11/30 Bella’s Bartok with Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band at ONCE Somerville

Sat 11/30 ColorChannel, Oddysseys, Dna’s Evolution at the Jungle, Somerville


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