+ Songs of the Year 2020

Songs of the Year! Music from Jazzmyn Red, Atwater Punx, Knock Over City, Dead Star Cult, The Shang Hi Los, Motel Black, Phil Cambra and the Space Cadets, Universal Traveler, Corner Soul, Parlour Bells, Pillbook, The Devil’s Twins, Salem Wolves, Set Fire, Cave In, Caspian, STL GLD, Eldridge Rodriguez, Trailer Swift, Song of the Year: Adi Sun – Bella Sun Lever (see list of full forty)

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Songs of the Year 2020

Jazzmyn Red – We Gon Make It from REDvolution, August 2020
-exactly what we needed and when we needed it

Atwater Punx – Ghost Town
-from debut, The Flea Draws Blood, May 2020
–family duo of Stacy Jones and Kristen Wagner Jones made a pandemic record

Knock Over City – Edging
-from Dungeon Module 420, January 2020

Dead Star Cult – Always There
-also appears on KSB2020 for DCF Wonderfund

The Shang Hi Los – Sway Little Player from Kick It Like A Wicked Bad Habit, due January 2021

Motel Black – Evening Standard
-from a series of singles the band released at the tail end of the year

Phil Cambra and the Space Cadets – Expectations

Universal Traveler – Second Best
Chris Johnson (Summoner, Deafhaven, Doomriders) made music this year as Universal Traveler

Corner Soul – Downtown from Emergency Faith, November 2020

Parlour Bells – The Ballad of Felix Moncla from Survival of the Patient: The Antibody Sessions, May 2020

Pillbook – We’ll Just Stare, May 2020

The Devil’s Twins – Bad Karma, November 2020

Salem Wolves – Titanium from Never Die!!!, September 2020

Set Fire – No Quarter
-they recorded their exquisite Led Zeppelin cover this year, September 2020

Cave In – Moonlight Mile
-The band gave us a Rolling Stones cover they recorded at their respective homes in Ipswich, Salem, Cambridge MA, and Brooklyn NY, May 2020

Caspian – Flowers of Light from On Circles, January 2020
Top of my Record of the Year list; like all touring bands, 2o2o was a brutal one for Caspian. They do have new tour dates listed for Fall 2021

STL GLD – My Block, August 2020

Eldridge Rodriguez – Your Dead Boyfriend from Slightest of Treason, February 2020

Trailer Swift – Nothing New from You Are Not What You Do, October 2020


Song of the Year:
Adi Sun – Bella Sun Lever, July 2020


The Grownup Noise – Lonely Days

Shea Rose – Black Boys On Mopeds

Lord Felix – Bad Bwodie

Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band – American Fire

Jerry Lehane – Kiss My Tattoo

Samuel Johnson – Blue Jeans

Home Despot – Ultra Violence

The Sheila Divine – Melancholy, MA

Bryan Porter Hinkley – No Time

Erica Mantone – Maybe It’s Me

Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys with Ghost of the Machine – Battle Witches

Jenne Halstead – Heart Light

Circus Trees – Wasted Air

Micah Howeson – Heel

Airport – Slow Fade

This Bliss – U Wanna Be

Oldsoul – Like No Surprise

Pregame Rituals – Reasonable Doubt

Luxury Deathtrap – Better This Way

Austin Bullock – Part Of Me

This week’s SOTW

1/ Mister Vertigo – Indie Nerd Strikes Again
2/ Eye Witness – Artemis
3/ Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band – Don’t Call Me Baby
4/ Roser – Nice, Guy
5/ DearBones – I, Lucifer

Taking a short break, see you in January 2021!


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