Boston Emissions 12.30.2019 | Songs of the Year

Happy New Year, all. I am glad you are here.

Boston Emissions Songs of the Year 2019. This is only 30 songs of a much longer list. I capped it at 2 hours. Please listen and find something new to love. Thank you everyone who made music. Thanks to everyone who sent music, handed me a cd (it happens far less these days), or sent a message to say hello and keep in touch. Here we go 2020!



Andrea Gillis – Champagne and Neon Light from Ladies Love Thunder, 2018
-okay, so its not from this year, but I got into in 2019 so I’m putting it on the list. 

Eddie Japan – Summer Hair from The Amorous Adventures of Edward Japan, 2019
-they had a huge year with award nominations, and sold shows with Greg Hawkes doing music of The Cars

Cave In – Shake My Blood from Final Transmissions, June 2019
-originally intended as demos, Final Transmission marks the first Cave In record in eight years and the band’s last with Caleb Scofield

RIBS – 1992, June 2019
The band, now a duo, resurfaced this summer with two new songs. EP due soon, postponed from Sept.

Set Fire – Smoke Rolls from the Prisms EP, January 2019
-A staple number from their Rumble performances in April. Led to their victory. They are keepers of the crown.

Set Fire | Photo by Secret Bureau of Art+Design

Phenomenal Sun – Saturn’s Day
The single they released during the Rumble this year. Phenomenal Sun is Adi Sun, main songwriter and band leader, I hope for new music in the new year.

Green Piece – Stacy’s Dad from Whatever EP, April 2019
-From Lowell: I loved it from the moment I heard it and haven’t changed my mind that it is the BOSTON EMISSIONS SONG OF THE YEAR

Green Piece | Photo via facebook

Cujo – Think of Me
-Released to me in October 2019 when we did a show together.
It is great to have Jen Trynin making music again, while Cujo has been playing out of a year or so, they have solidified the lineup, Mike Piehl from Reverse is on board now.

The Shirts and Shoes – Wolf
-another Lowell find. They will be part of the post-Music Meeting show on Jan 23 at The Jungle

Reverse –  Yeah Yeah Yeah from What’s Your Problem, July 2019
The final Reverse record was 10 years in the making, extra special now that Ian Kennedy is no longer with us. We miss him.

The Northern Skulls – Art Thief
-yes, that is Jonah from Only Living Witness, Miltown

Wire Lines -Traffic
From New Bedford, Kevin Grant from The Hidden

Wax On – Congratulations! (So How Is That Band At the Glitterbox?)
-New band I found from Lowell

Weaklings – Church Keys
-From Salem, Massachusetts, released in June

Field Day – Changeling from Paint the Light, March 2019
-Joan has a great rock story

123 Astronaut – No One Knows

From Providence, Jeff Robbins from Orbit

Best Not Broken – Kids


Divvisions – Surrender
-Released in May 2019, got a lot of play on Songs of the Week. There will be new Divvisions music in 2020.

The Hats – River City
-formerly Pat and the Hats from NH

The Dogmatics – Summertime from She’s the One, 2019
-The Dogmatics first recording of brand new music in 33 years

Airport – Should Know This
-every song Craig writes is great

Session Americana – The Night with Ali McGuirk on vocals, 2019
-From Northeast, their collection of songs by New England connected artists like the Pixies, Carly Simon, Donna Summer, Jonathan Richman, and this one by Mark Sandman

John Powhida International Airport – Downtown Freddy Brown from The Bad Pilot, 2019
-J. Po’s first release in 8 years

The Shallows – Arsonist 

T The RCVR – Keep Waiting
Tom Polce put out a solo record this fall as T the Receiver

Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections – Sweetheart from Long Fuse Burning 

Worshipper – Coming Through from Light In The Wire, 2019

Defeater –  Atheists In Foxholes from Defeater, May 2019


Nate Leavitt and the Elevation and Moe Pope – House Of Fallen Trees (remix)
-this was a late 2019 arrival; I liked what they did so much I added it late last night.

Caspian – Flowers of Light
-and finally, Caspian from their new record, On Circles, due January 24. Their show at the Cabot in November was one of the best the year.


Maybe I will get in some of my “bests” from the decade. I don’t know. Whatever the case, I am happy that we roll into 2020 with another Rumble to celebrate.


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