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Original airing, 9/29/2018 | Music from Abbie Barret, FiDEL, Exit 18, Kid Disaster, Stars Like Ours. Justine and the Unclean, Radio Compass, Set Fire, David Age and the Regrets, Major Moment, Walter Sickert & the ARMy of BRoken TOys, Sidewalk Driver, Soft Pyramids, usLights, Will Dailey, Aubrey Haddad, Backwards Dancer, Phenomenal Sun, Parlour Bells, 123 Astronaut, Worshipper, Birnam Wood, The Zulus, Gray Bouchard and the Dedications, Muck and the Mires,  Tom Baker and the Snakes, Caspian

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Boston Emissions is on summer break. Enjoy this show from the archives!
Catch you back here soon.

Boston Emissions Show Alert!
Saturday, September 18 at 6pm



The backstory: Boston Emissions aired first on the legendary WBCN in Boston until 2009 when the station went dark and made the flip to sports. In August 2009, the show was moved to sister station, WZLX (where I was for a total of 15 years) until the new owners canceled the show entirely in May 2018.  I took the show online exclusively that fall. This is the first show back “after the FM”. Truth is, being an independent entity has been the best part.

Abbie Barrett – Better Machine from AB Sides, 2018

FiDEL – Therapy, 2018

Exit 18 – Control The Mass, 2018

Kid Disaster – Obsessive from EP II, 2018

Stars Like Ours – Everyday from Love In A Parking Lot, 2018

Justine and the Unclean – Be Your Own Reason, 2018

Radio Compass – Going Gone from …For A Girl, 2018

Set Fire – Better Off  from Aura, 2017

David Age and the Regrets – Don’t Change (INXS cover)

Major Moment – How Would You Know? from One Small Step EP, 2018

Walter Sickert and the ARmy of BRoken TOys – Army Of Me (Bjork cover) from Come Black Magic, 2017

Sidewalk Driver – Kidnapped from My Face, 2015

Soft Pyramids – Talk Too Much from Lowrey Go Go, 2018

usLights – Exit Scam from Keep Safe Boston 2018

Will Dailey – Bad Behavior from Golden Walker, 2018

Aubrey Haddard – I Should Know Better from Blue Part, 2018

Backwards Dancer – Breathe Life Into Beauty from Backwards Dancer, 2017

Phenomenal Sun
– Sundrowned from Keep Safe Boston 2018

-Adi is now performing as Adi Sun – Sept 18, 2021 at ONCE Somerville x Boynton Yards, Somerville

Parlour Bells – Darth Barbie from Waylaid in the Melee, 2017

123 Astronaut – The Friction from The Friction, 2018
-new band from Jeff Robbins of Orbit

Worshipper – Easy Livin’ (Uriah Heap cover) from Mirage Daze, 2018

Birnam Wood – Richard Dreyfuss from Wicked World, out Nov 19, 2018

The Zulus – Turned On — A Boston Classic!
Sept 3, 2021 at The Paradise, Boston

Gray Bouchard – Savin Hill from Keep Safe Boston 2018

Muck and the Mires – Break It All from Muckus Maximus, 2018

Tom Baker and the Snakes – Doll Eyes from Lookout Tower, 2017

Caspian – Halls Of Summer from Waking Season, 2012
-Sept 30, Oct 1, 2021 at The Sinclair, Cambridge 


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