Playlist + July 24, 2022

Mellow Bravo Power Hour Plus with Stompbox, Carissa Johnson, Sidewalk Driver, Cocked N’ Loaded


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Songs of the Week

Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys – Goth Beach

Little Fuss – 20 Questions

RoseR – Low

Sunshine Riot – Just Say So

Eldridge Rodriguez – Scars In The Vein (featuring Thalia Zedek)


Mellow Bravo – I Wanted A Girl 

Mellow Bravo – Freshman Prom Queen

Mellow Bravo – Just Like Water Would

Strut released September 10, 2010


Mellow Bravo – Ridin’

Mellow Bravo – Leave When You Please 

Mellow Bravo – Shake Shake Shake

Mellow Bravo – Where The Bodies Lay

Mellow Bravo – Senorita

Mellow Bravo – Big Block 

Mellow Bravo – Low Ain’t The Bottom

The Interview with Mellow Bravo

Cocked N’ Loaded – You Are The Summer (I Want To Party In You)
-new single of the summer

Stompbox – Working For Sony
-from Stress, 1994

Carissa Johnson featuring Cliff Notez – Running Uphill

Sidewalk Driver – Kidnapped

Sidewalk Driver – Everybody Loves My Face

Blood Lightning – Blankets

Cocked N’ Loaded – Maximum Overdrive
Recorded live on Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood Sunday Summer Sessions, July 28, 2013

Come – Recidivist 


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