Playlist + June 1, 2020

Music from Murdoch, The Grownup Noise, Hayley Sabella, Exit 18, Eye Witness, Universal Traveler, Ruby Rose Fox, Field Day, Hyber, Eternals, Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling, Band Without Hands, Motel Art

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1) AfterImage – Six Seconds

2) Fire For Cavemen – Atlantic

3) Square Ape – Why Us

4) usLights – Dreams

5) Parlour Bells – The Ballad of Felix Moncla

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Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling – First We Take Manhattan (Leonard Cohen)
-from The New Number 2, released in 2010 


Exit 18 – Her
Exit 18 – Still Frame
rom new EP, Get Well Soon, 2020

Hyber – Feel

Murdoch – Bad Dreaming
-Janet LaValley’s new music project. She has done some recording at Zippah in Brighton and has been working as a visual artist. See her work at

Ruby Rose Fox – Bury the Body

Field Day – Changeling

Hayley Sabella – It Was There
-from new release, Flew The Nest – out now 

The Grownup Noise – Lonely Days
TGN return as a two-piece, Paul Hansen and Max Weinstein
Breaking new ground on new record, Lonely Days, more synth, less folkie, yet still folkie.
-out this Friday, June 5

Universal Traveler – Second Best

Motel Art – Everyday

Eye Witness – Ghost
new release, Miss You, out Wednesday June 3 with a show at ONCE’s Virtual Venue on Youtube to celebrate.
-from Central Mass town of West Boylston

Bare Ass – I’ll Never Know
-from latest release, From the Inside, 2019

–from Greenfield, Mass

Eternals – Looter’s Tunnel
-off their 2014 self-titled debut
–All three released avaiable at

Band Without Hands, live on Boston Emissions Summer Sessions, July 2015

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