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Music from Bleu, Paper Tigers, Pet Fox, Baabes, Radio Compass, MiniBeast, A Bunch of Jerks, Bird Language, Michael Boezi, Erica Mantone, The Rationales, The Damn Personals…

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I don’t like doing this kind of show. While I love to celebrate and showcase creative people, to talk about people we love, people we’ve rubbed elbows with for years, people who’re now gone from us, is very difficult. David Mirabella and Michael Gill, both of whom are long-time, well-loved and respected Boston bands folx. David Mirabella formed and lead The Rationales since 2007; Mike Gill played for The Damn Personals back in the day (and helmed a number of video productions throughout). Both passed away within one week of each other. Hug your friends.


Songs of the Week

Motel Black – Morning Hum

Linnea’s Garden – School

Black Helicopter – Minstrel

Straight Pepper Diet – Hard To Understand

Michael Kane and the Morning Afters – Lost My Mind


Bleu – I Won’t Go Hollywood
-Next show: Sat 8/27 Redhead 20th anniversary show with Chauncey at The Sinclair, Cambridge

Ticket Link |


















Paper Tigers – Portrait of A Scene
-from new EP, I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me This Sooner, out May 20

Next show: Boston Calling on May 29, Sunday

Pet Fox – Stubborn
-from A Face in Your Life, June 17, 2022 (folx from Ovlov, ex-Palehound)

Baabes – Too Cool For Pants
-from their new self-titled release
Next show, SAT 5/14 with Charmed & Strange, Mister Vertigo, The Jacklights at The Jungle, Somerville

MiniBeast – A Few Thoughts About Thought Crime in 1969
-from On Ice
-featuring Peter Prescott from Mission of Burma, Volcano Suns

A Bunch of Jerks – Lift with your Tits
Next Show, Fri 5/13 with Speedfossil and Indonesian Junk at The Jungle, Somerville

In loving memory of David Mirabella 
Dave kept a great record of the band’s history on The Rationales blog










The The Rationales – Radio (2012 single), and on Dream of Fire, 2014

The Rationales –  All The While – first appeared on the first Keep Safe Boston compilation for Planned Parenthood in 2014, Upstream 2017

The Rationales – Take A Ride With Me, Upstream

The Rationales – Trade You, Upstream

The Rationales – Drunk All The Time Dream of Fire, 2014

The Rationales on Bandcamp

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Bird Language – Clear Head 

Michael Boezi – Leaving

Radio Compass – Salem Romantics (Anyways)
-from Aloha, out May 20
Next show:
Fri 5/27 with Carissa Johnson and Oh The Humanity! at Opus in Salem

Erica Mantone – Undone
from debut EP, I May Have Asked For This – available Tues 5/10
Next Show: Sat 5/14 at The Burren Backroom, Davis Square, Somerville

Erica Mantone – Way In The Dark 

Erica Mantone – Come Around











.. .. .. .. .. ..

Rest easy, Mike Gill. Photos from The Damn Personals FB page.

The Damn Personals – The New New from Driver/Driver, 2000

The Damn Personals – Coast To Coast from Standing Still in the USA, 2002

The Damn Personals – Tomorrow, God Willing from Standing Still in the USA, 2002

The Damn Personals on Bandcamp











The Damn Personals at the 2002 WBCN Rock & Roll Rumble!


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