Playlist + May 21, 2021

Music from Plumerai, Abbie Barrett, Grand Evolution, Sinnet, Cold Expectations, Linnea’s Garden, Mammothor, Detroit Rebellion, Baabes, The Dogmatics, Circus Trees, Choke Up, Elle Belle, The Sheila Divine, 6L6 & Songs of the Week

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Hear the show Mondays and Wednesday at 4pm on BumbleBee Radio 

Songs of the Week reair on On The Town with Mikey Dee on 91.5 WMFO on Wednesday nights

Songs of the Week

Little Fuss – Human of the Century

Evil Felipe – 50’s Love Song

Yuping Zhu – Love You Too Fast

Mister Vertigo – You Are Clearly The Reason Why

High Tea – DBT



Plumerai – Turtle Tree

Abbie Barrett – Blood & Bone

Grand Evolution – Stranger
-from new release, Glow, out this Summer 

Sinnet – Iron Woman
-originally by Devin Davis
-out Friday, June 4 with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood

Cold Expectations – Summer Dress 

Linnea’s Garden – Replacement

***Red On Red Records doing a show on June 26
With Cold Expectations, Linnea’s Garden
At Revolution Hall in Lexington 

Detroit Rebellion – Detroit Rebellion of 67
-from The Man

The Dogmatics – Summertime

***Show alert – Boston music venue fundraiser – Thursday, May 27 on YouTube | Event Link
Atomic Fez Fundraiser for (Independent) Boston Venus featuring performances by: Watts, John Powhida and Peter Moore, Gene Dante and Andrea Gillis,  Jen D’angora, Rice Edmonston, Casey Desmond, Carissa Johnson, Devil Love, Walter Sickert and Edrie Edrie, The Dogmatics, Hyber

Choke Up – Hart

Mammothor – Do You Call My Name

Baabes – Pretty Mugshot 

Circus Trees
***Caspian at the Sinclair Sept 30, Oct 1
Circus Trees open second show

Ellebelle -Post Everything
Christopher Pappas from The Everyday Visuals

The Sheila Divine – Melancholy, Mass
***Show alert the Sheila Divine with House of Harm, Eldridge Rodriguez
The Sinclair, July 10 | Event Link

6L6 – Y’Know

New episode of BE TV coming next week |


Crime of the Truest Kind



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