Boston Emissions: May 14, 2019

New music from 123 Astronaut, The Northern Skulls, il Mostro, All Eyes On Me + Damone, The Beatings, The Model Sons

Boston Emissions | May 14, 2019


1] The Von Traps – Where You Been

2] Green Piece – Stacy’s Dad
-Whatever release show is Friday night May 17 at UnChARTed in Lowell with Sorry, Graneros

3] Divvisions – Surrender

4] Pregame Rituals – Only Love
-May 24 at Thunder Road in Somerville with Arms & Ears, Mint Green

5]  Test Meat – Motor Away


Damone – Up To You, off 2003’s From The Attic
Sold out reunion show, July 27 at The Sinclair in Cambridge!

123 Astronaut – The Great Unknown
-Jeff Robbin’s new band, post-Orbit

Orbit – Medicine
-Look! It’s an Orbit request for Green Piece + a twofer

The Northern Skulls – Art Thief
-another new favorite, with Jonah Jenkins of Only Living Witness (and more)

The Northern Skulls – Earth ED
-Next show, June 21 at ONCE Somerville with Worshipper

il Mostro – Clowncar

All Eyes On Me – Beach Witch
-June 8 at Boston Pride on City Hall Plaza

Weakened Friends – Hate Mail

The Beatings – Parts,  Per Notation from 2009’s Late Season Kid

The Beatings – All The Things You’ve Been Missing

The Beatings – Organ Donor Regret, 2003’s The Heart, The Product, The Machine, and The Asshole

The Beatings final show, Sat May 18 at Great Scott, Allston with Hands and Knees

Lemmyfest IV is Friday night at ONCE Somerville! Heavy metal holiday.
Event link

Rumble 2020 season begins now has begun.
Get in on it. 



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