Playlist + April 30, 2021

Music from Paper Tigers, The Dents, Luxury Deathtrap, Evil Felipe, Tim Kile, The Wufs, The Flashpot Moments, Watts, Adi Sun, Parlour Bells, Will Dailey, Sapling, Universal Traveler, Reverse, Trailer Swift + Songs of the Week

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I am off next week, no new show on May 7

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Songs of the Week 

1/ Yuping Zhu – Love You Too Fast
-brand new #1, from Andover

2/ Little Fuss – Human of the Century
-both their songs show up this week!

3/ Corner Soul – Blessed To Forget

4/ Little Fuss – Watch Out

5/ Dutch Tulips – Rosemary’s Baby


The Dents – Homeless
elf-titled release due in June 

Evil Felipe – 50’s Love Song
EP, Spacing Out, due May 7

Paper Tigers – I Smell A Rat
-video premieres tonight!

Added vid:

Luxury Deathtrap – Retreater
-new song off live release, Lockedown, every Friday. The band produced the live performance from their ONCE Virtual Venue Rumble show performance

Tim Kile – Wasteland
-debut solo release, These Things Are Being Gathered for the Fire

Adi Sun – My Fault
-new lyric video

Parlour Bells – Supercomputer 

Watts – Heavy Metal Kids
Shady Rock & Rollers – out May 14

The Flashpot Moments – Knockoff 
Campfires for Cavepeople 

The Wufs – Naked In Line

Trailer Swift – Nothing New
-from Oct 2020 release, You Are Not What You Do

Universal Traveler – Second Chance
-solo music from Chris Johnson (Summoner, Deafhaven, Doomriders…)

Sapling – Bitchshifter

Reverse – Yeah Yeah Yeah
-from What’s Your Problem released July 1, 2019 – after Ian Kennedy passed away
All three Reverse records – What’s Your Problem, Monkey Mind and The Jersey Switch are available 

Will Dailey – Ultimate Companion
-wrapped up his year of live streaming. Thanks for the times.


Crime of the Truest Kind +




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