Boston Emissions: April 11, 2019

Music from Circus Trees, Boketto the Wolf, Carissa Johnson + the Cure-Alls, Weakened Friends, DDX; Rock & Roll Rumble Week One Review + Songs of the Week | The Rock of Boston

​​Boston Emissions | April 11, 2019

All new songs added to the show each week will appear on the Songs of the Week poll at the bottom of this playlist. Get some votes, tell people about the show. Submit your music here.

Songs of the Week

1] Green Piece – Stacy’s Dad from Whatever, 2019

-Release show, May 17  at Thirsty First: Tavern & Grill, Lowell with Sorry, Graneros

2] Divvisions – Surrender

3] Dutch Tulips – Candy Factor

4] Graveyard of the Atlantic – Point/Counterpoint

5] The The Melatonins – It Takes A Will

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Corner Soul – Ain’t Willing
-grabbed the Rock & Roll Rumble Week One Wildcard!
See them next on Fri 4/19 at Semifinals

PowerSlut – Hot Tub Wingman
-going to Semifinals on Sat 4/20

Brix’N Mortar – Suburban  Murders
-going to Semifinals on Sat 4/20

blindspot – Voices
-going to Semifinals on Sat 4/20

Carissa Johnson and the Cure-Alls – Cardinal
-reigning Rumble champs are our guest band on Fri 4/26

DDX – Youngblood
-kinda like Township but not

Boketto the Wolf – Gimme All Your Love
-Alabama Shakes

Circus Trees – Floating Still
-Thurs, May 2 at The Sinclair for TRC Fest with Oompa, Ali McGuirk, Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys, Cliff Notez and more

Weakened Friends – Peel

Rock & Roll Rumble Preliminary Week Two kicks off tonight!

Night 4 [Event link]

Night 5 [Event link]
Night Six [Event link]

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