Playlist + April 10, 2020

Music from Jim Healey, Awnthay, The Neighboorhoods, AfterImage, Glacier, Mutoid Man, Wheat, Boy Wonder, Smell, A Bunch of Jerks

We are all in the same boat, yes. I mean, we are all aware of the fact that we aren’t going back to work and school and shows for a long while? No church, no Easter egg hunts, no ham dinners. I started to dig deep into an old cd collection and got lost. I will be adding more to my digital library for the show. Enjoy classic numbers from Boy Wonder, Wheat, and Waltham.

Songs of the Week

1] Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band – Five Horses

2] Green Piece – MT

3] Square Ape – Why Us

4] The Daily Pravda – Kill The Lights

5] Home Despot – Ultra Violence

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Boy Wonder – Liar Baby from Wonder Wear, 1997

Jim Healey – The Small Times

Awnthay – Yawn

AfterImage – Six Seconds
-From Keene, NH

Mutoid Man -Bandages

Wheat – Karmic Episodes from Meideros, 1997

The Neighborhoods – In Case of Creeps from Last Known Address, 2019

The Neighborhoods – I Go Dark

A Bunch of Jerks – Pretty Low

Gretchen Shae with Bradley Jay – Seven Sins

Smell – The Heck

Glacier – We Glut Our Souls On The Accursed
This Sunday 4/12, Glacier ‘Livestream’: Post-Poned recorded live at  UnchARTed
Streaming link here

Waltham – Cheryl (Come and Take A Ride)
-We had a Summer Rumble last August. Maybe we’ll get to have another full-on Rumble this Summer.
No way to know what shape we will be in by then. I hope for the best. Video from our show>>>


Rock & Roll Rumble 

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