+March 5, 2023

Hear Real Beaut, Strictly Speaking, Astral Bitch, Sunshine Riot, Cliff Notez, Big Rav, Radio Compass, Aaron And The Lord, Hunting Accidents, Kid Disaster, The Shallows, Trailer Swift, Allie Jason, Jill McCracken, Luxury Deathtrap, Groundlift, Muck And The Mires, Goon Platoon, Holy Smoke, Trailer Swift, Key of Caustic, Rice Edmonston

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Octavate – Better Never Than Late

The Shang Hi Los – Monsieur Valentine

Sapling – A Fox Upon The Tomb

Miracle Blood – Like A Round Hole Through A Square Peg

Never Gonna Make It – Dry

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Real Beaut – Hotspot from Gentle Messages
Next Show: Sat 3/11 Lipsmear, Chrome Over Brass at O’Brien’s Allston

Strictly Speaking – VHS Tape
Next show: Mon 3/6 at Charlie’s Kitchen

Astral Bitch – You’ve Got It Wrong

Sunshine Riot – So It Comes

Cliff Notez – Could Be Normal

Big Rav – Blame Me
Next show: Sat 3/25 at Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain

Radio Compass – You Don’t Own Me
-from Now That’s What I Call Heartbreak, Volume Five: The Oldies from Warm Up Boston serving the unhoused community

Aaron and The Lord – Lilydale
Aaron and The Lord – I Am The Darkness
Next show: April 15 with Harris, Sidewalk Driver, Stars Like Ours at The Crystal Ballroom

Hunting Accidents – The Weight of Joy

Kid Disaster – Don’t Mind If I Do

The Shallows – Verdant

Allie Jason – Best Thing I Ever Did

Jill McCracken – Just Right

Luxury Deathtrap – Unborn Savior
Next show: Sat 3/11 with Enemies List Big Band, The Addition, High and Dry at Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain

Groundlift – Population Bottleneck

Muck and the Mires – Break It All

Goon Platoon – Jefferson Scud Missile 

Holy Smoke – Bye Bye Love (The Cars)

Trailer Swift – Nothing New
Next show: Sat 3/25 with Gold Hoax, Xander Nelson, Gracie Grace & All The Good Boys at The Jungle, Somerville

Key of Caustic – Now’s The Time
Next Show: Mon 3/6 with Burp, Degenerates of Punk at The Silhouette Lounge, Allston

Rice Edmonston – Last To Know
Next Show: Sat 3/11 In Your Honor: A Foo Fighters Tribute to Taylor Hawkins at The Burren, Somerville with Josh Pickering, Charlie Black, Joel Reader, Triana Wilson, Andrea Gillis, Chuck Ferreira, Erica Mantone, Glen Fant, Jason Raffi, Josh Cuadra, Julie Perron, Kameelah, Kristin Holliday, Matt Zappa, Scott Fleming, Sir-Ken Celli, Tamora Gooding [Ticket link]


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Somerville Porchfest – May 13

Monday 3/6: keys of caustic, burp, and degenerates of punk at the silhouette lounge, allston, ma, 8p

Wed 3/8: honeywave, space casino, luddites, abriel peraita at the silhouette lounge, allston

Wed 3/8: david wilcox at passim, cambridge, ma, 8p

Wed, 3/8: keegan james blood at atwood’s, cambridge, ma, 8:30p

Wed 3/8: babybaby_ explores, tysk tysk task, mulva, pink lids at o’brien’s, allston

Wed 3/8: amber angelina at the plough, cambridge

Fri 3/10 The sheila divine, tugboat annie, and vic firecracker at paradise

Fri 3/10 matt charette and the truer sound at atwoods, cambridge

Sat 3/11 real beaut / lipsmear / chrome over brass / strictly vinyl crew dj at o’brien’s allston

Sat 3/11 enemies list big band, luxury deathtrap, the addition, high and dry at midway cafe

Sat 3/11 in your honor: a foo fighters tribute to taylor hawkins

Sat 3/18 hallelujah the hills with eyelids at atwood’s, cambridge

Sat 3/25 gold hoax (ep release) w/ trailer swift, xander nelson + gracie grace & all the good boys. the jungle somerville

Sat 3/25 condition baker, classic ruins, the grandstand jockeys, sand machine at The Midway

3/29/23 mallcops, stateside, montclair, and jockey at o’brien’s


Rock & Roll Rumble

Thurs 4/6
Fri 4/7
Sat 4/8

Thurs 4/13
Fri 4/14
Sat 4/15

Fri 4/21
Sat 4/22

Sat 5/6

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