Playlist + March 26, 2020

Music from Quintaine Americana, The Dents, STEMS, The Daily Pravda, Universal Traveler, Samuel Johnson, Zachary Boudrot, The Knock Ups, ThunderJacket, Fire In The Field, Kristian Montgomery and Winterkill, Apple Betty, Destruct-a-thon + Songs of the Week | @bostonemissions

The Rumble in April is not happening. We postponed it a few weeks ago for very obvious reasons. Here is what I can tell you: Summer Rumble at ONCE Ballroom from Thurs, July 30 through Sat, August 29. Please save the dates. We are going to need you. More to come.


1) Time Wolf – Marionette

2) Luxury Deathtrap – Better This Way

3) Green Piece – MT

4) Stenographer – Perfect Love

5) Ruby Rose Fox – Stalker

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Quintaine Americana ‎- Waitress At Bill’s from Needles, 1996
-Bill’s Bar! Remember when? Video was shot at Jacques’s Cabaret in the Back Bay


The Dents – Last One Standing
look for a new EP this summer. I spied them at Q Division

STEMS – January from The Violent Silence, a brand new release from Penelope Conley, formerly of Endation. They wrote and play everything themselves

The Daily Pravda – Kill The Lights
Brand new record, Sci-Fi in the Seventies

Apple Betty – The Tube (No Toilet Paper) from 2008

The Knock Ups – Black and Blue, a love song to Jack White

T the RCVR – Keep Waiting
-solo work from T the Tom Polce of Letters to Cleo, Loveless

Universal Traveler – More Than A Little
-UT is Chris Johnson of Summoner, Doomriders, Deafhaven, The Electric Bunker; no one is touring so Chris released some solo music under the name Universal Traveler. For fans of sweet 70s AM Gold.

Universal Traveler – Second Best

Zachary Boudrot – Nice To Meet You
-new release, Disaster

Samuel Johnson – Blue Jeans from LP 1, 2020
Saml is also in Choke Up
ThunderJacket – Falcon Heavy
formed by members of Bang Camaro, The Fatal Flaw, The Appreciation Post, and Feints

Fire in the Field – Pump from Resurrect, record release is on hold

Destruct-a-thon – 9 Squares from Es Muerto (2001-2004), October 2006

-Six squares max

No shows to list. We’ll post web streams.
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