Tysk Tysk Task, Adios Fatso, Mammothor, Joey T and the Dirty Burners, Jittery Jack and Amy Griffin, Shotgun Waltz, The Gypsy Moths, Other Brother Darryl, Eliza and the Organix + Songs of the Week

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Songs of the Week

A Sleeping Bear  – Where I Want To Be
-from Daydream Land, out now

The Ghouls – Hellbound 

Fireking – Today

Evil Felipe – Forever and A Day

The Promised End – Everything Is War
-debut, For The Buried And The Broken, February 2024
-members of Landmines, Tied To A Bear, SkyTigers, Choke Up

Derrick Smith and the Cosmic Vultures – Waiting

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Lemmtfest V Saturday night 2/10 at Sonia!

♠️ LemmyFest 5 featuring Iron Fisted, Maiden New England, Queens of Noise, Slim Lizzy
⚡️ Saturday, February 10
📍 Sonia, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge, Mass
🎟️ Tickets on sale https://bit.ly/lemmyfest5
🤘 For the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund



Tysk Tysk Task – Trazodone

Adios Fatso -This Is How We Live Now

Mammothor – Inside Out

Joey T and the Dirty Burners – The Waves

Jittery Jack and Amy Griffin – Avid Indoorsman 

Shotgun Waltz – Pity Party

The Gypsy Moths – Metronome 

Other Brother Darryl – Gypsy Girl 

Eliza and the Organix – No Contact


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