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Boston Emissions: February 7, 2019

New music from Weakened Friends, Monkey Knife Fight, The Runouts, Bedtime Magic, Test Meat, Jon Hanson Project + Cocked N’ Loaded, Swivel | Songs of the Week

Boston Emissions | February 7, 2019

All new songs added to the show each week will appear on the Songs of the Week poll at the bottom of this playlist. Get some votes, tell people about the show. Send Music!

Songs of the Week

1] Baabes – Won’t Be Back

2] Corner Soul – Ain’t Willin’ from Positive Release, due in March

3] Big Giant – We Think We Come From Wolves

4] The Von Traps – Sound The Alarm (tie)

4] Major Moment – Living Your Life Like This

5] Set Fire – Smoke Rolls

Poll to vote is below, link to listen above


Weakened Friends – Peel from Common Blah
-Fri, Feb 8 at UnChARTed, Lowell with Future Teens, Daisybones, Pity Pattern

The Runouts – Next To Nothing
-Sat, Feb 9 at UnChARTed with Lockette, Sinnet, The Doldrums

Monkey Knife Fight – Thelma
March 9 at UnChARTed with blindspot, Fire in the Field

John Hanson Project – Trenches from Go On, Jan 2019

Test Meat – Please Hurt

Swivel – Clueless

Officer – Red Prince
-Sat, March 1 at Koto Salem with Vic Firecracker, Forktie, I Was Awake

Cocked N’ Loaded – Maximum Overdrive
-Fri, Feb 8 at ONCE Somerville with Hey Zeus, Motherboar, Labor Hex

Bedtime Magic – Long Kiss Goodnight

-new split with Easter Bloodhounds release show is February 22 at O’Brien’s, Allston



Next show! Thin Lizzy Night — bands are forming…


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