Boston Emissions 2.28.20: Phenomenal Sun, War Graves, Wizzardess, The Endorphins, The Varsity Club, Waiver Wire

New music from Phenomenal Sun, The Endorphins, The Varsity Club, This Body Is All I Have In This World, Waiver Wire, War Graves, Wizzardess, Duck & Cover

Thanks for listening, thanks for sending music. Thanks for telling a friend about the show. It’s important to let others know that there are still resources for new music. Lots of Rock & Roll Rumble news coming in the next few weeks.

Songs of the Week 

1) 21 Grams More – Wine To Water 

2) Micah Howeson – Heel

3) Mosaic Mirrors – Smoke and Mirrors

4) War on Alexandria – Give Me Company 

5) Hyber – Feel 


Phenomenal Sun – Rubix Cube

Townies – Granite State from debut EP, Such & Spit is out everywhere today, Fri Feb 28
-from, yup, the Granite State (and Massachusetts)

The Endorphins – Your Mind Is Broken, from new release Dementia Paralytica
-touring in June  

Waiver Wire – Mass Transit  from Hold Your Applause
-release show tonight, Fri Feb 28 at Ralph’s in Worcester with Bernie’s Garage, CityState
-from Worcester

The Varsity Club – Weighing Anchors
-New Bedford

The Addition -Baluster
-Sat, Feb 29 at The Jungle in Somerville with Oliver Price and The Waitlist

This Body Is All I Have In This World – I Want You Too
-Weds, March 4 at Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain with
Unit One, UGLY,  Rachel Lime

Wizzardess – The Simurgh
-from Dover, NH

War Graves – Life On The Outside
-from Manchester, NH 

Duck & Cover – Unlucky 17

Michael Kane and the Morning Afters – Born To Run
-Sat March 14 at ONCE Ballroom, Somerville with 
Kenny O’Brien & The O’Douls,
doing some covers so I threw in their Bruce one. They have new music coming soon.

Time Wolf – Marionettes from Walking Giant EP
-out today, Fri Feb 28

Caspian (with Kyle Durfey of Pianos Become The Teeth) – Nostalgist from ON Circles
One of the few songs in their catalog with vocals
April 3 +4 at The Sinclair, Cambridge

The Chelsea Curve – Girl Cavedog
-Sat Feb 29 at ONCE Ballroom for PowerSlut release for Fun With Junk / Whistlestop Rock Festival
11 bands, all ages, all day long and Anngelle is hosting | Event link 




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