Boston Emissions 2.12.20: WMFO Radio Residency with Ruby Rose Fox, Eldridge Rodriguez, blindspot, Powerslut

Boston Emissions Radio Residency on WMFO packed with goodness. Special guests Ruby Rose Fox, Cameron from Eldridge Rodriguez, blindspot live from Studio Dee, Songs of the Week + new music from Powerslut, War On Alexandria, BarefootYoung, 21 Grams More, Killian Whall, Micah Howeson

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Songs of the Week

1]  Mosaic Mirrors – Smoke and Mirrors

2] Hyber – Feel

3] Howl – Anthem of the Anxious

4] Eldridge Rodriguez – Your Dead Boyfriend

5] oldsoul – Like No Surprise


Think Tree – Hire A Bird

BarefootYoung – Somebody New

The Hats – River City

Powerslut – Limits

Some Girls – Partner In Crime 

Ruby Rose Fox – Bury The Body from Domestic
Ruby Rose Fox shows |
-Fri 2/14 Ruby Rose Fox: Me and You and Leonard Cohen
The Press Room, Portsmouth, NH at 7:00
(second show I mentioned is not happening due to the injury of a  band member — get well!) 

-Sat 2/15 at Wellfleet Preservation Hall with Josh Knowles

-Sun 2/16 at The Bowery Electric, New York, NY

Ruby Rose Fox – Ronald Reagan Killed The Radio from Domestic 

Ruby Rose Fox – American Daddy from Salt

The Shirts and Shoes – Wolf

Eldridge Rodriguez – Your Dead Boyfriend 

21 Grams More – Wine From Water

War on Alexandria – Give Me Company

Pregame Rituals – Devil’s Son

Eldridge Rodriguez – Country and Western

Cameron Keiber of Eldridge Rodriguez – Psychic Darts live

Killian Whall – Absurd Uncertain

Micah Howeson – Heel

Alternate Weekends – Confess

Blindspot live from Studio Dee, engineered by Joel Simches
Their next show, Feb 22 at O’Brien’s in Allston with Baabes, Set Fire, Hands



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