Songs of the Year | Boston Emissions: December 31, 2018

Boston Emissions Songs of the Year 2018 | Abbie Barrett, Belly, Nemes, Gray Bouchard, Art Thieves, Pillbook, Bundles, Birnam Wood, When Particles Collide and more; Listen and Share |

There were tons of great new releases in 2018. Boston Emissions was on hiatus for a few months, and it’s clear that I have missed some pretty great ones. Here are some of my favorites from the year. Thanks for listening. Songs of the Week returns next week. See this week’s top five below…

Happy New Year! I look forward to what’s in store for 2019,

Songs of the Year 2018

Abbie Barrett – Better Machine
from AB Sides, May 2018

Belly – Shiny One
from Dove, May 2018 — the band’s first release in 23 years

Gray Bouchard – Chasing After Honey
from Dedication Songs, January 2018

Nemes – 60 Days
October 2018
first release in 4 years, new record due in 2019

Jakals – Porcelain
from Bat Brains, August 2018

Fidel – Therapy
July 2018

Exit 18 – All Yours
January 2018

Stars Like Ours – Everyday
from Love In A Parking Lot, May 2018

When Particles Collide – Lay My Body Down For You
from Fade To Gold, September 2018

Will Dailey – Bad Behavior
from Golden Walker, September 2018

Vic Firecracker – The Waiter
January 2018

Pillbook – boyskissboysandgirlsowntheirbodies
from Boy Band

Boketto the Wolf – Gimme All Your Love
Alabama Shakes cover

Salem Wolves – Shake
from Shake, August 2018

Art Thieves – Hate Me Harder
Russian Rats, September 2018

Bundles – Oh,  Brazil
from Deaf Dogs, February 2018

Birnam Wood – Richard Dreyfuss
from Wicked Worlds, November 2018

SkyTigers – Suffocate For Beauty
from Appetite for Reconstruction

FBGM – Victim
November 2018

The Daylilies – Compassion Fatigue
November 2018

Carissa Johnson – Cardinal*
from Talk Talk Talk, March 2018

Cave In – Sing My Loves
from White Silence, 2011
(while it’s not a new song, it is a meaningful one and very relevant this year)



*edited from Shatter (I changed my mind as I was doing the show)

Songs of the Week (new poll next week)

1] The Von Traps – Sound the Alarm
2] Big Giant – We Think We Come From Wolves
3] The Daylilies – Compassion Fatigue
4] Baabes – Won’t Be Back
5] OfficeR – Red Prince

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