Playlist + December 18, 2020

Music from The Shang Hi Los, RoseR, Sugar Cones, Wild Sundays, Motel Black, Abbie Barrett, Dug McCormack, Parlour Bells’ Goddamn Glenn, J., Alison, Gene Dante and OnlyOne Joe Kowalski, Justine’s Black Threads, Kier Byrnes, Kristian Montgomery and the WinterKill Band, DearBones, Read Yellow, The Information + Songs of the Week


Boston Emissions reairs Mondays at 2:00pm on BumbleBee Radio

Songs of the Week reair Wednesday nights on On the Town with Mikey Dee on 91.5 WMFO + Show starts at 9pm.

Smells Like Christmas Spirit! Homespun Holiday Classic Christmas Eve. Send your holiday tunes (email files to me)

Songs of the Week

1/ Eye Witness – Artemis

2/ Mister Vertigo – Indie Nerd Strikes Again

3/ Idler Wheel – Sun Still Finds The West

4/ Lockette – Lungs

5/ Jill McCracken – Holidays With You




The Shang Hi Los – Skipping Records
from upcoming EP, Kick It Like A Wicked Bad Habit, available now for pre-order at

Dan and Lee play this Rum Bar Holiday Mess Around this Sunday 12/20 at 6pm
on Facebook Live with Andrea Gillis and Marc Pinanski (Devotion, Andrea Gillis)m Linda Bean Pardee and Tim Gillis (The Chelsea Curve), Amy Griffin (Jittery Jack and Miss Amy Griffin on Guitar), and more and hosted by Justine Covault (Justine and The Unclean, Justine’s Black Threads) in support of a few charities, Greater Boston Food Bank

The Shang Hi Los play New Year’s Eve at 8 pm on ONCE Virtual Venue, OVV

RoseR –  Nice, Guy

Sugar Cones – Close Your Eyes
-from Providence

Wild Sundays – Lie on Lies 

Motel Black – Gates
-new single, out today

Abbie Barrett – The Light
-Abbie Barrett, Home Despot x OVV tonight at 8

Dug McCormack – Hang Loose
-on Miracle On Comm Ave 2020 compilation for the Child’s Play Fund, bringing video consoles to terminally ill kids

Goddamn Glenn, J. Johnson, Alison Sigrist of Parlour Bells – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 

Gene Dante and OnlyOne Joe Kowalski – My Christmas Gift

Justine’s Black Threads – Angeles We have On High

Kier Byrnes and Family – Let It Snow
-from Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Kristian Montgomery and the WinterKill Band – Don’t Call Me Baby

DearBones – I, Lucifer

Read Yellow – Model America

The Information – Bright Lights

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