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+ Homespun Holiday Classics + December 17, 2023

Smells like Christmas Spirit with Letters to Cleo, The Other Girls, John Powhida International Airport, Abbie Barrett, Parlour Bells, Morphine, Bleu, Waltham, Stripmind, Today Junior, Merrie Amsterburg, and Songs of the Week. 


Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood
Celebrating 15 years of music from your town.


Watch on YouTube @bostonemissions

Songs of the Week 

RoseR – Locals 

Vivid Bloom – Believe
-from debut EP, Out of Focus, out now

Condition Baker – How It Goes

Shiverlane – Aeroplane Driver 

Other Brother Darryl – Drive

Songs of the Week poll returns in January.


Letters to Cleo – Father Christmas

The Other Girls – I’m Not Getting Anything For Christmas
Band is Andrea Gillis (vocals), Melissa Gibbs (guitar), Amy Griffin (guitar). Michelle Paulhus (bass) and Linda Shore (drums)

John Powhida International Airport – Santa, Santa What’s In The Bag?

Abbie Barrett – Christmas Star

Goddamn Glenn, J, and Allison of Parlour Bells – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Morphine – Sexy Christmas Baby Mine

Bleu – Boston All Stars 12 Dayz
A Bing Bang Holidang by Bleu (1999) featuring Kay Hanley, Jed Parish, Ramona Silver, Dicky Barrett, Jason Kendall, Dave Farrell, Aaron Lippert, Bill Janovitz, Adrian Hierholzer, Mary Lou Lord, Ryan Miller & Adam Gardner

Waltham – Merry Friggin’ Christmas

Stripmind – O Christmas Tree (Sludge Version), 1993

Today Junior – Christmas (All Over Again)
A Very Allston Christmas Volume 1, 2015

Merrie Amsterburg  – 2000 Miles
from Viva Noel, Q Division



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