Boston Emissions: December 13, 2018

New music from Batons, Major Moment, Hallelujah The Hills, Yoni Gordon, Eddie Japan, Love Love, Dirty Dixx, Baabes | Boston Emissions 12/13

Boston Emissions | December 13, 2018

All new songs added to the show each week will appear on the Songs of the Week poll at the bottom of this playlist. Get some votes, tell people about the show. 

Songs of the Week

5] Mister Vertigo – The Official Ironmen Rally Song

4] Motel Black – The Sound (tie)
-Dec 20 at Atwood’s, Cambridge

4]  Brix n’ Mortar – Suburban Murders

 3]  FBGM – Victim
-Dec 30 at The Burren, Somerville

2] Daylilies – Compassion Fatigue

1] The Von Traps – Sound the Alarm
-Dec 21 at Opus, Salem with 
With Oh The Humanity, Red Ledger, Sky Tigers, Tied To A Bear


Art Thieves – Hate Me Harder
-Dec 14 at Brighton Music Hall for Wreck the Halls with Street Dogs

Backwards Dancer – I Saw Your Spirit

Aloud – Song of The Dharma

Hallelujah The Hills – Paul Revere is Shamed from Against Electricity

Batons – Moment In The Sun (Portland)

Major Moment – What It’s Like

Abbie Barrett – Better Machine
-Dec 31, NYE at Atwood’s, Cambridge

Yoni Gordon – At Long Last

Eddie Japan – We’ll Be Together (at Christmas)

Love Love – It’s Christmas We Wanna Be Happy

Dirty Dixxx – Poor Dick (three Xs)

Dirty Dixxx – 2XPLD (to explode! Get it?)

The Downhauls – Convenient Friend

Baabes – Won’t Be Back
-Thurs, Dec 13 at O’Brien’s, Allston with The Maxims, Labor Hex, Sticker Shock

Carissa Johnson – Cardinal

Willie Alexander – Mass Ave, The Classic Number
-DIY: Mass. Ave. – The Boston Scene (1975-83)

Willie joined The Velvet Underground in 1971, in place of Sterling Morrison. It turned out to be the last year of the band’s existence. Post-Velvet Underground, Willie played solo and with the Boom Boom Band — and still does to this day. At 75, he calls Gloucester home — a place he moved to as a child with his minister dad and mother, whose own piano playing must have rubbed off. His career took him all over the world as a singer, songwriter, and keyboardist playing art rock, new wave, and proto punk. He is, by all accounts, one of Boston’s original punk rockers. Born in Philadelphia in 1943 and raised in Gloucester, Massachusetts, fell in love with the sounds of Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. He moved from the church piano to playing keys in The Lost– one of Boston’s most celebrated Bosstown psychedelic and garage rock and roll bands. 

Songs of the Week Poll

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