Boston Emissions 1.31.19

Boston Emissions: January 17, 2019

New music from Lenny Lashley Gang of One, As The Sparrow, SkyTigers, Devil Love, Nat Freedberg, Stars Like Ours, This Bliss, Ski Bunny, I Was Awake | Boston Emissions 1/17/19

Boston Emissions | January 17, 2019

All new songs added to the show each week will appear on the Songs of the Week poll at the bottom of this playlist. Get some votes, tell people about the show. 


5] Parlour Bells – Room Temp Revenge
-Jan 27 at The Burren Somerville with The Daylilies

4] Baabes – Won’t Be Back

3] The Daily Pravda – Watch the Stars

2] Big Giant – We Think We Come From Wolves

1] The Von Traps – Sound The Alarm


As The Sparrow – Boys from Vacation Forever

Devil Love – Carelessly Comfort

Lenny Lashley Gang of One – Weakness from All Are Welcome, out Feb 15
-March 17 at House of Blues with Dropkicks

Nat Freedberg – I Think I Died And Went To Heaven from new solo release, Better Late Than Never
-Sat, Jan 19 at ONCE Somerville with his Devil Rockin’ Band, Watts, Justine and the Unclean and host, Jason Edmonds

Stars Like Ours – Love In a Parking Lot

Powerslut – Hot Tub Wingman
Video Release show, Thurs Jan 17 at ONCE Lounge with Stars Like Ours, Dark Wheels

Watts – Breaking Glass

Green Piece – Nananana
-Sat, Jan 19 at Uncharted Lowell with Piqued Sorry, TV shirt

SkyTigers – Grenade Point Average from Disasterbation

DDX – Youngblood

Eric Salt – Heart Stops Givin’

Ski Bunny – River

Justine and the Unclean – Margaritas and Second Hand Smoke

I Was Awake – The Messenger from the Rock For HAWC benefit comp

This Bliss – Make It Real
-Fri, Jan 25 – Ralph’s Rock Diner, Worcester MA

Andrea Gillis – Taxi

Dark Wheels – V-Bomb

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