Boston Emissions: November 20, 2019

Boston Emissions Radio Residency with Whistlestop Rock + Bedtimemagic | New music from Best Not Broken, Airport, The Addition, The Chelsea Curve, Heather Rose In Clover, The Motivated Sequence, The Winter Project | @bostonemissions

Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood Radio Residency

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Listen to Bedtimemagic Live on BE on WMFO:

Songs of the Week

1] War On Alexandria – Sleep Deprived

2] Exit 18 – Brace for Impact

3] Blindspot – Upside Down

4] Somerset – Phoenix

5] The Von Traps – Tunica Molesta (tie)

5] Pregame Rituals – Devil’s Son


Thank you Whistlestop Rock Crew!



Best Not Broken – Kids

The Addition – In Between

Airport – Should Know This 

Field Day – Changeling 

Heather Rose In Clover – Satellites 

Cold Expectations – More String Than Pearl 

Kid Gulliver – Forget About Him 

Justine and the Unclean – Love Doesn’t Know 

The Knock Ups – Black Rose

PowerSlut – New Girl 

The Chelsea Curve – Cave Girl

Love Love – Joan Anderman 

Magen Tracy and The Missed Connections – Sweetheart 

The Motivated Sequence – Hang It On Me 

The Winter Project – Long Gone



Wed 11/20 Worshipper and Z28 at Opus, Salem


Wed 11/20 Anaday, Lina Cooper, Submarina, Fool The Bear at the Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain


Thurs 11/21 Susan Cattaneo Residency with Special Guest Julie Rhodes at Union Tavern, Somerville

Thurs 11/21 Robert Gordon,  Chris Spedding, Diablogato at ONCE Somerville

Thurs 11/21 Tarbox Ramblers at the Burren Backroom, Somerville

Thurs 11/21 Letters to Cleo and Speedy Ortiz at the Met, Pawtucket Rhode Island

Thurs 11/21 The Skirts, Steady Vex, Madam Bruja at the Jungle, Somerville


Fri 11/22 Chandler Travis Three-O with Kami Lyle at Club Passim, Cambridge

Fri 11/22 Letters to Cleo and Speedy Ortiz at the Paradise, Boston

Fri 11/22 Slim Jim + The Mad Cows at The Porch, Medford

Fri 11/22 Ryan Lee Crosby,  ilana katz katz at The Haymarket Lounge Boston

Fri 11/22 Adam Ezra Group, Lisa Bouchelle at City Winery, Boston

Fri 11/22 A Bunch of Jerks, Justine & the Unclean, Hambone Skinny, Lily Black at O’Briens, Allston

Fri 11/22 The Daylillies, The Spearmint Sea, Lonely Leesa & the Lost Cowboys at Koto, Salem


Sat 11/23 Letters to Cleo and Speedy Ortiz at the Paradise, Allston

Sat 11/23 Smitt E Smitty, Powerslut, Corner Soul, The Rupert Selection at ONCE, Somerville

Sat 11/23 An Evening with Bill Janovitz & Friends at Burren Backroom, Somerville

Sat 11/23 The Knock Ups,  blindspot, Lonely Leesa & The Lost Cowboys at Sally O’Briens, Somerville

Sat 11/23 Field Day, Love Love, Nimbleines at the Square Root, Roslindale


Sun 11/24 Nemes,  Taylor Holland at Canopy Room at Bow Market, Somerville 



Mon 11/25  Weaklings, Cook Bag, SkyTigers, Charlies Kitchen, Harvard Square

Mon 11/25 Willzyx, Needle Play, NoiSays, Omnia at O’Briens, Allston

Mon 11/25 Doug Linse, Scott of Somerset, Daniel J. Turnbull, Kyle Flynn at Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain

Mon 11/25 Atomic Bastards,  Nerd Neck, Burn the Boats at The Jungle, Somerville


Tues 11/26 Junior Beef, Humbug, The Year 1917, Red Ledger at O’Briens, Allston
Tues 11/26 Eileen Rose & The Legendary Rich Gilbert at ONCE Lounge, Somerville


Weds 11/27 Amy Beauregard, Whiskey Duo, The Only Humans, Brad Swenson, Jared Duff, The Squires of Soul at Thirsty First, Lowell with the Lowell Spin


Wed 11/27 Sinnet EP Release with Macrotones & Helenor at Great Scott, Allston

Wed 11/27 Bravo Sierra, Handsome, Gull Boy, We Are Space Horses at the Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain
Weds 11/27 Exit 18’s Thanksgiving Eve hometown show at 9 Wallis Beverly, Mass


Thurs 11/28 – Happy Thanksgiving


Fri 11/29 The Rupert Selection 4th Annual Black Friday Show at Opus, Salem


Sat 11/30 OldJack’s Last Saturday’s Friendsgiving show with Eddie Japan, OldJack, Dark Wheels at The Lizard Lounge, Cambridge

Sat 11/30 Mark Lind & The Unloved, Bryan McPherson,  Michael Kane & the Morning Afters at Great Scott, Allston

Sat 11/30 Bella’s Bartok, Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band at ONCE, Somerville

Sat 11/30 ColorChannel,  Oddysseys, Dna’s Evolution at the  The Jungle, Somerville


Sun 12/1 Duke Levine & Super Sweet Sounds Of The 70s at the Burren Backroom, Somerville

Sun 12/1 Shotgun Waltz, the Deep State, Church & Puppets, Blood Simple, at Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain 3pm


Tues 12/3 Eli Roberts&Co, Rocky Point Revue, Eric Baylies, Blues Dream Box at Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain


Wed 12/4 Shaun Young’s Midweek Melody Meetup, Atwoods Tavern, Cambridge

Wed 12/4 ElizabethVonTeig, ConorRyanHennessy, RockyLudden, PeacefulSorrow at Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain


Thurs 12/5 Corner Soul, blindspot, Fish House, Phil Cambra & TSC at Olympia’s Zorba Music Hall, Lowell

Thurs 12/5 Triheart, DUMP HIM and Toad & The Stooligans at O’Briens, Allston

Thurs 12/5 Sons Lunaris, Clamb, Shibui at The Jungle, Somerville


Fri 12/6 5th Annual Speedfossil Holiday Extravaganza with the Low Sparks at Tavern at the End of the World, Somerville

Fri 12/6 Mass Ave Music 10 years with Chris Cote, Bill Janovitz, Andrea Gillis, Jenny Dee, Hilken Mancini, Merrie Amsterberg at the Burren Backroom, Somerville

Fri 12/6 Radio Compass at Opus, Salem — this is Rock for HAWC, right??



Sat 12/7 Modern Day idols, Graveyard Of The Atlantic, Pyramid Thieves, Big John and the Mattress Factory at the Jungle, Somerville

Sat 12/7 Airport, Mill Pond Falls, and Junior Classics at Sally O’Briens, Somerville

Sat 12/7 Sapling, Lockette, Bad Larrys, Ex-Temper at Ralph’s Rock Diner, Worcester

Sat 12/7 Studio Two, Motel Black, The Knock Ups at Opus, Salem


Sat 12/7 Magen Tracy and the Missed Connections at  Toad, Cambridge


Sun 12/8 DnA’s Evolution, The Bind, Rivers & Plains, Medical Maps at the Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain 3pm

Sun 12/8 Long Neck, Field Mouse, Squitch, Ceramic at O’Briens, Allston 

Sun 12/8 Anne Heaton CD Release at Club Passim, Cambridge

Sun 12/8 Sarah Infini Jazz Quartet at The Jungle, Somerville


Mon 12/9 Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band with The Dazies and Tyler & the Names at O’Briens, Allston

Mon 12/9 Gregg Perry & the Strange Berries, Stoned Ape Theory, Austin Bullock at the Jungle, Somerville


Tues 12/10 Andy Brink, Ciderdown, Hannah Jay, Wyatt Edmondson at Tavern at the End of the World, Somerville Free

Tues 12/10 Pile, Lady Pills, Pet Fox at The Sinclair, Cambridge

Tues 12/10 Still I Freaking,  Chelsey Meyer & The Attic, Rogozo, Koogler at Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain

Tues 12/10 Chris Pureka and Kris Delmhorst at City Winery, Boston


Wed 12/11 Fully Celebrated Orchestra, Hilken Mancini & Friends at the Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain

Wed 12/11 Pixies at Big Night Live, Boston

Weds 12/11 Boston Music Awards at House of Blues, Boston


Thurs 12/12 Annual Boston Christmas Cavalcade for the Homeless featuring: The Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Jen D’Angora,  John Powhida, Rick Berlin, Boogaloo Swamis, Miriam (Amy Fairchild and Carla Ryder), Chris Mascara, Andrea Gillis, Shaun Wolf Wortis, John Powhida, Bearmonster, George Hall and Chris Barrett (Kingsley Flood), Johnny Memphis, Kevin Connolly, Tony Kaczynski, Erica Mantone, Sal Baglio and the Amplifier Heads, Chris Cote, the Athol Thingerth at Once, Somerville


Thurs 12/12 Husbands, UsLights, Bedroom Eyes, Premises at The Jungle, Somerville

Fri 12/13 Stop Calling Me Frank, Dirty Truckers, Ex-Avenue, The Grommets at Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain

Fri 12/13 Will Dailey at the Burren Backroom, Somerville


Sat 12/14 Will Dailey at the Burren Backroom, Somerville

Sat 12/14 Baabes, The Chelsea Curve, The Hi-End, The Stigmatics at the Midway Cafe, Roslindale

Sat 12/14 Francine, The Barnies at ONCE, Somerville

Sat 12/14 The Lights Out, The Daylilies, Zero For Conduct, The Concerns at Union Tavern, Somerville


Sun 12/15 A Very Fuzzy Christmas -A Benefit for Girls Rock Campaign Boston, featuring Plant (GRCB YOUTH BAND), The Handymen, Fuzzy, The Other Girls,  Buffalo Tom, Jenny Dee and Ed V., Stephen and David Fredette (scruffy the cat),  Merrie Amsterburg, Thalia Zedek, Jon Bernhardt, Fuzzy, Love Love, Hilken and Colbs at the Burren Backroom, Somerville

Sun 12/15 Acoustic Night! featuring The Skirts, The Leafy Greens, Rogozo at The Corner Art Room, Boston


Tues 12/17 Butterscott, SMELL, Bush Scrutiny at ONCE, Somerville


Wed 12/18 Carissa Johnson, Acoustic Record Release with Dutch Boy Blues at Burren Backroom, Somerville


Fri 12/20 Lockette, HLC, True Jacqueline, Graveyard of the Atlantic at O’Briens, Allston

Fri 12/20Instamatics, Radium Girls, Thee Fightin’ Fish, Johnny No Graves at The Jungle, Somerville

FRI 12/20 Boston Emissions’ 8th annual Spectacular Gift Drive for DCF Wonderfund — collecting unwrapped gifts for area foster children – with special guests, Goddamn Glenn and Gene Dante AND MORE 

Sat 12/21 A Rum Bar Records Holiday Spectacular featuring  Jay Allen and The Arch criminals, A Bunch of Jerks, Hambone Skinny,  The Black Souls at the Midway Cafe, Roslindale

Sat 12/21 Weakened Friends at Great Scott, Allston


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