Happy Thanksgiving! New music from Vivid Bloom, The Motor Control, The Magic City, RoseR, The Rupert Collection, Axemunkee, Type 66, Other Brother Darryl, Shiverlane, Will Dailey and Songs of the Week

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First listen, Sunday at 3:00pm on Uncertain FM + uncertain.fm/live
Available on Soundcloud and posted at YouTube.com/bostonemissions


Songs of the Week

1] Lovina Falls – Vaulted
-from debut release, Calculating The Angle Of Our Descent, out now
First Show, Next Show: Sat, Dec 2 Davis Square Theater The Rockwell

2] One Fall – Back To The Wall
-from new EP, Spine First!
Next Show: Sat, Dec 9 at Faces Brewing, Malden for Stanfest with In The Meantime, Jay Disposable, One Fall, Rubber Barry And The Jnco Jeans, Ce Skidmore & The Damn Fine Band

3] Wire Lines – All Purpose Cleanser
-from The Tragic History of the Sea, out this Friday, Dec 1

4] No/Nations – Slow Runner
-from debut, Mystical Valley Parkway, out now

5] The I Want You – My Favorite Dive
-from new EP, My Favorite Dive
, out now




Vivid Bloom – Believe
-from debut EP Out of Focus, out this Friday, December 1st for Bandcamp Friday

The Motor Control – Get Down
-from new release, Daylight, featuring members of The Blackboard Nails, Baby Strange, and Flexie 

The Magic City – Roadrunner vs Your Mother
-new band with members of Reverse, The Daily Pravda and more
First Show, Next Show: December 17 at The Jungle, Somerville

RoseR – Muerta
-debut of new single out this Tuesday

The Rupert Selection – What You Said
-from latest, Crumbs for the Sun, out now
Next Show: Black Friday Nov 24 with The Koopa Kids and Saeddyr at Off Cabot, Beverly

Axemunkee – Brain Melt
Next Show: Fri, Dec 8 with Hambone Skinny at The Square Root, Roslindale

Type 66 – Someday

Other Brother Darryl – Drive

Shiverlane – Aeroplane Driver

Will Dailey – More Love than Myth (Tell The Children)
Next Show: Sat, Dec 9 at Crystal Ballroom, Somerville




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