Playlist + October 23, 2020

Music from The Hi End, Motel Black, Field Day, Lenny Lashley Gang of One, Mitch Belch & The Cheshire Pressure, Paul Jarvis, Hyber, Dimension Tiger, I Fight Fail, Come + Songs of the Week

Songs of the Week 

1] Strange Color Sky – Glass

2] Radio Compass – Run With You

3] RoseR – Rot

4] The Freqs – Milestone

5] The Shang Hi Los – Sway Little Player


The Hi End –  To Be Alive

Motel Black – Quoting Thoreau

Field Day – Next Day

Field Day – Everything, Everyone
– new vinyl 7-inch single release

Lenny Lashley Gang of One –  Lonesome
-Live stripped down EP recorded live at the Button Factory Stage in Portsmouth, NH

Mitch Belch & The Cheshire Pressure – Night Star
-formerly of Cask Mouse
–the debut self-titled EP from Mitch Belch and the band is set to be released November 13th

Nemes – 60 Days

Paul Jarvis – Baby And Me
-Paul has been writing and recording his own stuff for a while, in between Scissorfight gigs

Hyber – You Were
-off 2019’s SleEP
–new video out today!

Dimension Tiger – You Want To Know
-new project from Ajda the Turkish Queen and Bo Barringer

I Fight Fail – Here
-band from Canton, Ohio
–sometimes, when I have some room, I will add indie bands from other cities.
During Covid times, we can afford to help each other out.

Come – Recidivist
I’m putting this on my list, add yours: TOP 100

Sat 10/24 on ONCE VV | Event Link 


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